A man caught damaging and assaulting a car was the culprit in the “schoolgirl strangulation case”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A man caught damaging and assaulting a car was the culprit in the “schoolgirl strangulation case”.

Yashio, Saitama: A juvenile case in which a third-grade girl was found strangled to death about 35 years ago......

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On December 11th of last year, a man was arrested by the Soka Police Department of Saitama Prefecture. The suspect, Keiichi Shinoda (50), is a construction worker. A reporter for a national newspaper said.

In December of last year, Shinoda was driving on a street in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture, when he suddenly cut in front of a car in front of him, brought it to a sudden stop, and kicked the door to break it. When the car tried to flee the scene, Shinoda chased after it and crashed into another car. He then assaulted the man driving the car. The man sustained bruises on his head and other injuries.

Shinoda is being transferred to the hospital. The prefectural police are examining the car’s drive recorder, etc., and are also investigating on suspicion of fanned driving.

Shinoda was found to have more than the standard amount of alcohol in his system, and was arrested on the spot on suspicion of drunk driving. Then, on January 6, he was arrested again on suspicion of destruction of property and injury.

Shinoda was actually involved in an incident that took place in Soka about 35 years ago. The “Soka Incident,” in which a third-year junior high school girl was found strangled to death.

In July 1985, the body of a nearly naked schoolgirl was found in a dirt field in Soka City. The prefectural police arrested a group of boys, including local junior high school students. The police arrested a group of boys, including local junior high school students, and sent three of them to the prosecutor’s office on suspicion of assaulting and killing a woman,” said a reporter familiar with the case.

Shinoda was one of the three suspects. One of the three suspects was Shinoda, who was later sent to a juvenile reformatory, which is considered “guilty” by the juvenile court. However, in 2000, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the courts on the grounds that the confessions of the boys lacked objective corroboration. In 2003, the three boys’ “confessions” were sent back to the court. In 2003, the three juveniles were found “not guilty. The case ended in a twisted state of “not guilty” in the civil case and “guilty” in the criminal case.

During the course of the trial, the three men’s real names and faces were made public, and they held a press conference to protest their false accusations. However, more than thirty-five years have passed since the Soka incident, and Shinoda has now committed the crime.

When I visited Shinoda’s parents’ house, his father agreed to be interviewed.

He said, “I have no idea why my son did what he did. It’s hard to see him when I go to visit him, and his lawyer just says, ‘It’s drunk driving,’ so I don’t know what really happened. My son has been driving for decades, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Shinoda’s father continued.

The Soka incident happened more than 30 years ago. My son has been working diligently ever since. I don’t think there is any connection between that incident and this.

In response to the interrogation, Shinoda has fully admitted to the charges, saying, “There is no doubt about it.

From “FRIDAY” January 28, 2022 issue

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