82-Year-Old Man Stabbed to Death in Hotel, 24-Year-Old Woman’s “Astonishing Behavior After the Crime | FRIDAY DIGITAL

82-Year-Old Man Stabbed to Death in Hotel, 24-Year-Old Woman’s “Astonishing Behavior After the Crime

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The suspect, Fujii, was arrested. The suspect, who was arrested, said he had been doing “papa-katsukake” for some time.

A woman approached an 82-year-old man on a busy street in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and asked him if he would like to go to a hotel.

The woman approached the 82-year-old man on a busy street in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and the two went to a nearby love hotel. About an hour and a half later, the man was found dead.

On January 22, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Haruka Fujii (24), whose address and occupation are unknown, on suspicion of murder. On January 21, between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., she allegedly stabbed Katsuzo Konno, 82, a resident of Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, to death in a hotel room in Ikebukuro.

There is no acquaintance between the two men. On the day of the incident, Fujii apparently approached Mr. Konno himself and invited him to the hotel. The two got into some kind of trouble in the room. Fujii stabbed Ms. Konno in the chest and thighs with a utility knife he was carrying, killing her.

The suspect then checked out of the hotel alone and called 110 from a public phone. He posed as a friend, gave his room number, and told the police, “I got a call from an acquaintance saying, ‘Oh no, come here. Mr. Konno was found bleeding and lying on a chair, dead.

As a result of the autopsy, Mr. Konno’s cause of death was found to be hemorrhagic shock due to severed femoral artery. The suspect, Mr. Fujii, had long been involved in “papa-katsukatsu,” a type of social activity in which he received money in return for dates. He admitted to the murder of Ms. Konno and stated, “I got into trouble and lost my temper and stabbed her.

Unexpected place where she met up with her ex-boyfriend

The love hotel in Ikebukuro where the crime took place.

The cash was missing from Ms. Konno’s wallet. She may have had a problem with the suspect, Fujii, in exchanging money. The suspect was said to have been carrying a utility knife, probably for self-defense in case he got into trouble with his “papakatsu” partner.

What is surprising is his behavior immediately after the crime.

Fujii met up with Yusuke Kobayashi (29) and his brother Shota (25) near the hotel. The Kobayashi brothers were arrested on suspicion of concealing the culprit. The suspect Yusuke is the ex-boyfriend of the suspect Fujii. They met online a few years ago, and he usually received a portion of the money he earned from “papakatsu”.

The three of them moved to Shinjuku. They entered a karaoke bar in Kabukicho. They probably intended to cheer up the suspect, Fujii, who was involved in the incident. However, according to Yusuke’s statement, Fujii was ‘not in good spirits and did not sing much at the karaoke bar.

After leaving the karaoke bar, the three of them took a cab to the hotel where the incident took place. After leaving the karaoke bar, they took a taxi to the hotel where the incident took place.

The three of them returned to Shinjuku and stayed at an Internet cafe. The three of us went back to Shinjuku and stayed at an Internet cafe, discussing how to get far away without getting caught. They chose Hachioji in the western part of Tokyo, which is the hometown of the Kobayashi brothers and where they knew the area well and could easily escape.

On the morning of the 22nd, the day after the incident, they took the train to JR Nishi-Hachioji Station, but were taken into custody by police officers who had been chasing them as they left the station. Immediately after he was arrested, Fujii broke down in tears inside the police car,” said another reporter from a national newspaper.

The police are investigating the details of the trouble between Mr. Fujii and Ms. Konno, and their relationship with the Kobayashi brothers.

Police vehicle believed to be carrying the Kobayashi suspects
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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