Kei Komuro fails bar exam in February, but still has strong ‘backing’ to stay in US | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro fails bar exam in February, but still has strong ‘backing’ to stay in US

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Kei Komuro is about to take the New York State bar exam for the second time in February. If he fails again, the hurdle to becoming a lawyer will be even higher…

Kei Komuro is about to take the New York State Bar Exam for the second time in less than a month, scheduled for February 22 and 23.

Although he failed the first exam, he and Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, married last October and moved to New York as planned.

The bar exam in New York State is said to be even narrower, with the pass rate for the July exam being in the 60% to 80% range, but the February exam is said to be 30% to 50%. Incidentally, the first-time pass rate for graduates of Fordham University Law School, from which Mr. Komuro graduated, was 87%.

Initially, Mr. Komuro, who temporarily returned to Japan to get married, expressed his confidence to Prince Akishino that he would pass the exam, but he failed.

Currently, Ms. Komuro is working as a legal secretary at a law firm in New York, where she was supposed to work as a lawyer. It is unclear if she will be able to continue working if she fails the retest.

On the other hand, it is said that Mako may start working to support her husband.

The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reported that Mako visited the home of Caroline Kennedy, the eldest daughter of former President John F. Kennedy and former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, on December 23.

When Caroline was ambassador to Japan, Mako met her at a palace dinner. They spoke in English without an interpreter.

Caroline worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where Mako was reportedly offered a position as a curator, and she is still influential. With the powerful connections of the Kennedy family on her side, even if Komuro is unable to become a lawyer, she is expected to be able to handle employment and visa issues.

Not only that, but it is said that Mr. Komuro has a lawyer, who is a central figure in the Japanese people’s network, taking care of him, so he has many allies.

Even if Mr. Komuro cannot become a lawyer, he will never take the option of returning to Japan. It was Mako’s dream to leave the Imperial Family and have a base overseas. In response to criticism from the public, she complained that “an unwarranted narrative has been spread” even though she was celebrating her wedding conference. She is now able to live a relaxed life in the U.S. with her beloved Mr. Komuro, and can even go shopping at the supermarket by herself.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) In New York, it was reported that the couple had eaten together at a popular Japanese ramen restaurant, which is certainly not something they would do in Japan. The presence of the Kennedy family must be a plus for them to continue such a life.

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