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Oriental Radio Nakata: Is Miyasako’s spoiler video a miscalculation or a win-win situation?

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Atsuhiko Nakata of Oriental Radio, who broke a story about Miyasako’s Yakiniku restaurant “Gyu Miyagi” on a YouTube program. Viewers praised him for his cleverness, but…

Was he trying to save them, or–?

The “position” of Atsuhiko Nakata of the comedy duo Oriental Radio seems strange. He made his presence felt in the YouTube collaboration show “Win Win Wiiin” with Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former “Ameagari Kesshitai” and Keiichi Yamamoto of “Gokurakutombo” that was released on January 15. The program exposed the inner workings of Miyasako’s yakiniku restaurant “Gyugyagi” (in Shibuya Ward), which is scheduled to open on March 1. Nakata’s presentation and talk skills.

Nakata’s presentation and talk skills revealed that, in addition to Miyasako, Kazuto Wakabayashi, the president of Noble Promotion, owns 50% of the business, and that the monthly rent of 2.8 million yen has already been paid.

On his YouTube channel, Miyasako always appeals that he is short of money. Of course, his financial situation must be difficult, but it turns out that he’s not in as much trouble as he says.

I was so worried that I lost it.
Did she lie again?

I’m not sure what to say.

On the 21st, a bewildered Miyasako wrote on her Twitter

I’ll be taking a break from streaming videos for a while starting today. This is a positive break to rebuild the channel so that everyone can enjoy it more!

He announced. It’s just a positive break, but according to a source

“We are shocked by the negative response to our videos.

He said. On the other hand, Nakata, who exposed Ushiromiyagi’s secret part, was admired by the audience, “Acchan is so cool! On the other hand, Nakata, who revealed the secret part of Ushiromiyagi’s body, is being praised as “cool!

In response to this situation, Nakata said in a video released on the 24th

I really wanted to save Mr. Miyasako.

He explained.

It was scary even for me. There were so many responses. I got too many comments like ‘Nakata is too good,’ which was not what I originally intended…”

I was scared even for myself. On top of that.

I’m not good enough, right? It was my lack of skill that made the video look like it was showing Nakata’s excellence, instead of reaching the original intention.

It was really “unexpected. Was it really “unexpected”?

A comedy insider said

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Nakata, who is a sharp guy, couldn’t calculate what kind of reaction he would get by releasing a “spoiler video”. It was rather easy to imagine the public’s reaction.

He points out. Nakata returned to Japan last month from Singapore, where he had moved, for the first time in about nine months. Since then, he has been working on “Win Win Since then, he has been dropping one collaboration video after another, including “Win Win Wiiin,” with Yuta Kajiwara, aka “Kazi Sack,” and Chihara Jr. In particular, the video with Kajiwara.

In particular, in the video with Kajiwara, he mentioned the breakup of “Ameagari Kesshitai”. Nakata said

In the video with Kajiwara, he mentioned the breakup of “Ameagari Ketteitai.

Kajiwara replied.

Kajiwara got upset, saying, “If I don’t choose my words carefully, I’ll end up in a big fire…”

Kajiwara became upset. Kajiwara finally replied.

Kajiwara was upset, saying, “If you don’t choose your words, you’ll get a big flare…” Finally, Kajiwara said, “Maybe (Hotohara) is tired. That’s just a guess. Maybe (Hotohara) got tired of seeing (Miyasako) do the opposite of what he was thinking.

That’s what he said. A sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment said.

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m in Singapore. I’m sorry to say this, but I think some comedians see him as a ‘migrant’ from Singapore to Japan. Win Win He knew that “Wiiin” was causing controversy, so he dropped a video involving Kazi Sak and Miyasako on the 22nd. He’s quite the schemer.

Looking back at Miyasako’s history so far, there have been events that were caused by her ignorance, such as the black market problem, but there have also been many times when she was “used” by others.

It was supposed to be a “win-win” situation, but as it turned out, only Nakata’s stock rose. Was it a miscalculation, or was it a move based on a winning strategy?

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