The president of the office confesses his real name…! The truth about Shinichi Chiba’s family breakdown | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The president of the office confesses his real name…! The truth about Shinichi Chiba’s family breakdown

82 years old, more than ten years before he died from the new Covid-19. The president of his office, who shared his pain and suffering with him, confesses his determination to tell the truth.

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Who were the three people who were stirring behind the trouble?

On July 31 last year, Chiba and Mr. A were enjoying a high-class sukiyaki dinner. Two days later, both of them developed fever. Of the participants in the dinner party, eight were infected with Covid-19.

Here’s a picture of one of them.

The man in the center of the photo, giving a cheerful thumbs-up, is Shinichi Chiba (82), a major star of the silver screen and a cornerstone of the Japanese action industry.

In the center of the table is the finest marbled meat. On this day, Chiba and his driver/manager, Mr. A, were having a sukiyaki party at an acquaintance’s house in Tokyo.

His home is far away in Kimitsu City (Chiba Prefecture), so he was supposed to stay for an hour or two and then leave, but he got carried away and played with magic cards, enjoying the dinner until around 11 a.m.” (Participant)

This was on July 31 last year.

However, two days later, on August 2, Chiba and Mr. A both developed fevers, and on August 4, Chiba wrote to the Sukiyaki party participants, “I knew it. On August 4, Chiba wrote to a participant of the sukiyaki party, “I think I got it from Mr. A (his real name in the e-mail). I’m running a fever of 38.8 degrees Celsius and thinking of going for a PCR test.

The reason why I said “I knew” is because on the day of the Sukiyaki party, A had repeatedly said that he was not feeling well. In the end, out of the 15 people who were there, 8 people including myself were infected with the new Covid-19. It was a cluster. I took ivermectin and survived. A had bought six kits for antigen testing on the day he had a fever of 38 degrees Celsius, but he had not given the kits to Mr. Chiba. When I found out, I hurriedly sent an e-mail to Mr. Chiba, but he was no longer in contact with me,” said another participant.

Chiba, who tested positive for PCR, was hospitalized after recuperating at home, but passed away suddenly on August 19.

However, the tragedy did not end with his death.

He was in debt in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and his bereaved family was having a dispute over which temple he should be buried in. Among them, the conflict between the children of Chiba was the perfect fodder for the women’s weekly magazines and TV shows. The relationship between the siblings was severed over the remains of the deceased. The situation developed to the point where the 49th day memorial service was held separately.

Chiba has three children: his eldest daughter, Juri Manase (47), born to Yoko Nogi, his eldest son, Serious Tasuku Arata (25), born to T, a woman he remarried in 1996, and his second son, Gojun Maeda (22). They have three children. It is said that they have been separated into sisters and brothers and are fighting over the flesh and bones.

The family breakup is a made-up story. One of the masterminds behind the picture is A.”

Mr. Tetsuya Suzuki, the representative of Chiba’s agency, Astraia, is indignant about this. Before Chiba’s death, Mr. Suzuki had worked with him for more than ten years, and a memorial service was scheduled for January 22 (hosted by Juri, but postponed due to the spread of Covid-19). Mr. Suzuki, who had kept silent until after the memorial service scheduled for January 22 (hosted by Juri, but postponed due to the spread of Covid-19 infection), revealed the identity of the mastermind behind the trouble.

The person who took care of him in his final days was a “stranger.

According to Mr. Suzuki, there were three masterminds: Mr. A, B, an executive of the Japan Action Club (JAC), and C, a friend of Mr. Chiba. According to Mr. Suzuki, the masterminds were Mr. A, Mr. B, an executive of the Japan Action Club (JAC), and Mr. C, a Chiba-based friend.

Mr. Suzuki said, “Mr. A, who came from another industry about 10 years ago, knew a lot about copyrights and approached Mr. Chiba saying, ‘I will protect your copyrights. He was a yes man who would say, ‘That sounds great,’ if Mr. Chiba was willing to take on a dubious project. In recent years, I heard that he has been a big fan of Yusuke Serious and has become his point of contact. b is a classmate of Shinichi Tsutsumi (57) and other members of the 14th class at JAC. C is a friend of Mr. Chiba’s who has been handing out jobs and organizing events for him. A and B were also taken care of by C.

I’m just guessing here, but after losing Mr. Chiba, the three of them turned to Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh as their next stop. Juri, who was 20 years older than her siblings and could say things, may have been a hindrance.

On the day of Chiba’s death, Mr. Suzuki had witnessed “strange movements” of the three.

“Around noon on August 19, when A was told by the hospital, ‘He is in critical condition, please call his family,’ he contacted B, Shigeyuki and Atsushi Goh, and their mother, T. He did not contact Juri. Juri had received a nuanced report from B saying, ‘I think I’ll probably be okay today,’ so she was working and couldn’t make it.

It couldn’t be helped because Kensuke was overseas for filming and T and Atsushi were far away, but Juri, who was in Tokyo, should have been able to see her father die, but it was A and B, “strangers,” who took care of him in his final days. A didn’t even contact me, and I only found out about his death through an inquiry from the media.”

The following day, on the 20th, Chiba was cremated, but even there, Suzuki noticed something unusual.

When I asked B about it, he said, ‘I can’t come because of work. When I asked B about it, he said, ‘I can’t come because of work. When I asked B about it, he said, ‘I can’t come because I have to pick up the bones at home. B, who was not a relative of mine, was picking up the bones. If you looked closely, you could see C walking around with the tablets. Goudaun couldn’t stay until the end of the cremation because he had to work, and the cremation was again led by a stranger.

Mr. Suzuki’s suspicions were further shocked. The precepts were announced without the family’s permission. The name was given by a priest whom C had introduced to Chiba. This was no ordinary matter, and Mr. Suzuki acted immediately. He arranged a meeting between Juri and Mr. T, the mother of Kensuke and his family.

We set it up a little after the cremation. As soon as I met her, she said, ‘I heard you said you didn’t want to see me. I thought he was avoiding me,’ she confided. Juri replied, ‘So did I.’ They embraced tightly, and Mr. T said, ‘I’ll leave everything to you, Juri. I think you should be the mourner and lead the memorial service. I think you should be the mourner and lead the memorial service.

Chiba’s remains were at his home in Kimitsu, but Juri, who had become a mourner, brought them home, saying, “My father will be lonely if I’m alone. It was a consensual decision, but the weekly women’s magazines slammed her, saying, “The battle of the remains led to two memorial services on the 49th day of the 49th month,” and “Serious Yusuke Nitta still can’t see the remains.

I’m declining to meet with the remains.

“Let me say this first. The reason I didn’t meet with the remains is because it was Seriousuku’s wish. After Seriousuku returned to Japan from filming overseas, B said to me, ‘Let him see the remains. I knew that the C-led 49th day memorial service would be held before the Juri-led 49th day memorial service, so I felt that if I gave the remains to B, there was a risk that he would take them to C’s 49th day memorial service or split them without permission.

So I talked to Juri and gave her the OK on the condition that she would arrange her schedule after the memorial service, and that either Seriousuku would come to see her or Juri would take the remains. However, through his lawyer, he said, ‘I’m going to decline this time.

(Mr. Suzuki) Although communication between the two sisters has not been smooth in some respects because Kensuke is based overseas, there is no disconnection between them. In other words, Mr. Suzuki says that someone other than Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh had the women’s weekly magazine write an article that was the exact opposite of their intentions.

When I directly interviewed Mr. A, he admitted that he was not feeling well on the day of the sukiyaki party, that he did not give Chiba the antigen test kit (because of his own fever), and that he did not notify Juri and Mr. Suzuki of his critical condition. He countered.

I think it was just before Mr. Chiba passed away, the priest came to the hospital, and Mr. C arrived a little later, but when he passed away, his precepts were already attached. I guess he had a meeting with Mr. Chiba before his death. Later, Juri-san also came, but she didn’t say anything about the precepts.

But after the 49th day memorial service, she said, “I never heard about it,” and gave me a different name. As for the remains, Juri said, “Wait until October 8 (after the 49th memorial service),” so Seriousuku waited, but he said, “I won’t give them to you. That’s when things broke down. Juri is a member of the Nogi family, and Chiba is a member of the Maeda family (real name: Sadahou Maeda). The Maeda family takes priority.

Juri knew this, and agreed to take care of the bones of the Maeda family’s eldest son, Seriousuku, until he returned to Japan after finishing filming. I thought he was only going to keep the bones until Seriousuku returned to Japan after filming. The people around us began to complain.

The Maeda family, however, was indignant.

The Maeda family was not able to attend the cremation because they had not heard from Mr. A. Chiba had been talking about movies and TV dramas until just before he died. I never thought I would die. It was unthinkable that he had a precautionary name beforehand. So I consulted with Juri-chan and announced the precepts here. It was even more impossible for Juri-chan to say, ‘I’ll leave the cremation to you. My own father is dead, you know? We, the relatives, attended the memorial service on Juri-chan’s side, and it seems that Mr. A and the others also held a memorial service, but I can only think that Chiba is being used in a good way.

After hearing Mr. A’s rebuttal, Mr. Suzuki said, “I am appalled. How can you tell such a lie?” He let out a deep sigh. This time, all the statements were based on evidence, and depending on the response of the three, they would go on the offensive.

An e-mail Chiba sent to an acquaintance, suggesting that he was infected by Mr. A. “Mr. Chiba said he had a bad throat as of July 29,” Mr. A said.
A arranged for six antigen test kits on August 2, when he himself had a fever, but did not deliver them to Chiba.
In ’11, Chiba and Juri were honored at an international film festival in LA. Chiba and Juri were honored at an international film festival in LA in 2011.
At the farewell party, there were a few shots of father and daughter with Yusuke (right) and Atsushi Goh, but I couldn’t find any photos of Juri.

From “FRIDAY” February 11, 2022 issue

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