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Zagitova’s “daring leather jacket and shorts” will delight fans…!

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A little late Christmas report from Russia (from her Instagram @azagitova)

Russia’s Alina Zagitova, who won the gold medal in women’s figure skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, has been making a splash on her Instagram account, posting an image of herself in an overly bold black, super-above-the-knee skirt. I love it!” This is the first time I’ve ever seen her in a skirt.

In the photo, Zagitova is wearing a black leather jacket. She is wearing a black leather jacket with a black miniskirt underneath. She is holding three boxes in her hands and staring at the camera with a cute smile next to a Christmas tree.

Many readers may think that a Christmas tree in January is a bit out of season, but in fact, Christmas in Russia is in January. So, is that a present in his hand?

Apparently so. As Zagitova wrote on her Instagram

I’ve recently discovered a new hobby: soap making. I’m giving away one of my creations to a lucky winner.

What a surprise, Zagitova is giving away her handmade soaps to her fans. Inside the box is what appears to be a soap in the shape of a small skate. This is very Zagitova-like. By the way, you need to take steps to apply for the contest, such as re-posting it on the Stories function.

Although we won’t be able to see her at the Beijing Olympics, I’m sure her fans will be very happy to be able to communicate with Zagitova on social media. More and more, I can’t take my eyes off Zagitova. ……!

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