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The end of Ijuin Hikaru Radio… “dissatisfaction in the field” that even upper management could not suppress

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Hikaru Ijuin, whose regular program “Rajioto” will be ending at the end of March.

It has been announced that Ijuin Hikaru’s “Ijuin Hikaru To Rajioto” (TBS Radio, “Rajioto”) will be ending at the end of March.

Ijuin himself announced in the same program

Ijuin himself announced on the show, “I will be ending the show at the end of this spring.

He announced. This is a confirmation of the rumors that had been circulating since the end of last year.

However, while many radio programs have been running for more than 10 years, “Rajioto” ended before it entered its seventh year. There is a lot of attention being paid to the “power harassment” scandal that erupted last fall as a possible cause.

Ijuin said about the end of the program.

If I wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk about, I could talk about it for three or four hours, but if I couldn’t take that time, I thought that if I said too many things, people would misunderstand. But if I can’t take the time to do that, I think it would be misleading to say too much. So, for now, I thought I’d leave you with this report for today.

I received a suggestion from TBS Radio’s upper management, “Ijuin-kun, why don’t you talk about something like this today? I’m not a radio personality anymore, so I’m going to refrain from doing that.

I’m not a radio personality anymore. In “JUNK Ijuin Hikaru: Late Night Baka Riki,” which airs late at night on the same TBS Radio station, he talked about the end of “Rajioto.

The reason I haven’t said anything about this is that there must be a good reason. More to the point, I think it’s better not to tell you in order to continue the radio show I’m doing now…”

He explained that he decided it would be better not to tell the details in order to continue “~Baka Riki~”. He never mentioned the “power harassment” incident.

Some reports said that Ijuin did not say what he wanted to say because he wanted to “protect the remaining programs”, but we can vaguely sense that he is not satisfied with the end of the program and is dissatisfied and distrustful of the TBS management. Many of his listeners, who are also his fans, may have sensed the feud between Ijuin and the upper management of TBS.

From what he said, it seems as if he wanted to continue the show but had to end it due to the wishes of the station. Both Ijuin’s office and TBS denied any power harassment….

Ijuin’s office and TBS both denied any power harassment, but… “It seems as if there was a feud with the upper management of TBS, but in fact it was the opposite. In fact, it seems that the behavior that could be considered as power harassment had been going on for quite some time, and the frontline staff had asked the upper management to “do something about it. Even then. Even then, the top management didn’t seem to take any action…that’s the perception of the staff.

Mr. Ijuin is very popular among listeners. He is popular among listeners, and the program’s numbers (listening rate) are not bad. He also has a good relationship with his office. Last year, when a women’s magazine reported on the power harassment of a female assistant, the staff shouted with joy, “Finally, this kind of story has come out. In fact, it seems that the top management could not help but take action after this report.

(TBS insider) The station’s upper management tried to improve the relationship between Ijuin’s side and the staff so that the program could continue, but the staff had a strong will that they didn’t want to work with him any more, and it was impossible to replace the entire staff. It was impossible to replace all of the staff, so they decided to end the project.

Listeners are hoping that Ijuin will reveal the reason why the show is ending, but I guess it will be difficult under these circumstances…

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