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Hiroyuki Miyasako’s “Yakiniku Restaurant Spoiler” but Horie, Hiroyuki and Others Predict Doom

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Hiroyuki Miyasako feigns lack of money by bringing up the subject of selling his watch and car. Some fans were disgusted, but…

And yet, the eyes of the “professionals” were different.

Former “Ameagari Kesshitai” member Hiroyuki Miyasako’s Yakiniku restaurant “Gyu Miyagi” (Shibuya, Tokyo), which he plans to open in March, is once again attracting attention.

Miyasako has been appealing about his lack of money due to the cost of opening the restaurant since last October, but in a YouTube program “win In the YouTube program “win wiiin” on January 15, it was actually “not so bad. However, in a YouTube program “win win wiiin” broadcast on January 15, it was revealed that he was actually “not so lucky. He revealed that he was co-owner of the restaurant with another person besides Miyasako, Kazuto Wakabayashi, the president of Noble Promotion Inc. and that the monthly rent of 2.8 million yen was expected to be paid by advertising on the menu list.

Miyasako had hinted that she might have to sell part of her collection of luxury watches and her beloved BMW in order to raise the money, but it looks like she won’t have to do that. The viewers who had been watching with bated breath said

“I was spoiled by the spoilers.
“I was worried and lost it.

But the eyes of the management professionals are not.

However, the eyes of the management professionals were different. Mr. Takafumi Horie, who runs several restaurants using Wagyu beef, mentioned on his YouTube channel about the Beef Miyagi after the “spoiler”.

It’s only for the first time.

It’s only for the first time,” he slammed. He revealed that the rent for the five stores he runs in Tokyo is 5 million yen a month.

I can’t leverage it.

I can’t leverage it. When asked by a viewer, “What would you do if someone asked you to invest in Beef Miyagi? Mr. Horie was asked, “What would you do?

I would never do it!

Mr. Horie replied immediately, “Absolutely not! When asked, “Wouldn’t you help him? I’m helping you.

I’m helping you. I told you not to do that.

I told him to stop.

Similarly, in a YouTube video, businessman Hiroyuki said, “I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe it…”

I can’t believe it. He explained his reasoning.

If 100 people come to a restaurant with 100 seats a day, that’s 3,000 people a month. Would you pay 3 million for that?

He tilted his head. Mr. Hiroyuki said that Miyasako’s side

Hiroyuki pointed out that Miyasako’s side “doesn’t understand the unit cost of online advertising, so they think they’ll get paid.

Hiroyuki pointed out that Miyasako’s side “doesn’t understand the unit price of online advertising and thinks they will get paid.

He said, “For the first three months, I think you can get a million dollars. But if you get repeat customers, there’s no point in advertising. I didn’t see anyone mention it, but it’s not easy to get advertising.

He expressed his personal opinion.

Yuta Misaki, a businessman known as the “Prince of Green Juice,” is also worried about the future. on the night of the 19th, he paid attention to the share ratio of Ushi Miyagi on YouTube Live. In a YouTube live broadcast on the night of the 19th, he focused on the ratio of shares in Ushi-Miyagi: 45% for Miyasako and 50% for Wakabayashi, which he described as “uneven.

Even if Miyasako-san takes the brunt of it, when you think about who gets the profits, when there is a 50% shareholder, half of it belongs to that person.


So I couldn’t understand the economic rationale for Mr. Miyasako to take such a risk.

Mr. Misaki said. From Mr. Misaki’s mouth

Mr. Misaki said, “I think there is no doubt that he is just being manipulated.

Mr. Misaki also said, “There is no doubt that there is an aspect of being manipulated. If I were in Mr. Wakabayashi’s position, I would feel very lucky,” he said out loud.

The judgments of the businessmen were the same as before: “It’s a doomsday course. In fact, the spoiler is not a spoiler at all.

The spoiler is actually a kind of supplementary explanation for the viewers. I hope you can understand Mr. Atsuhiko Nakata’s intentions in revealing it.

There is also a voice that says, “I hope you can understand Atsuhiko Nakata’s intentions in revealing it. Miyasako’s “win win After the broadcast of “win win,” we heard that he was depressed by the backlash on the Internet.

There is only a little over a month left until the opening day on March 1. Is he going to go ahead with this plan?

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