The Kishida administration’s “do-nothing-until-election strategy” is spreading Omicron misery | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Kishida administration’s “do-nothing-until-election strategy” is spreading Omicron misery

A grin under the mask" in the face of a mysterious rise in approval ratings

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Kishida’s “Kishida Magic,” which has boosted his approval rating while doing “nothing. If he continues this strategy until the upper house elections in the summer, people’s lives will be in dire straits. Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

If it doesn’t sing, let’s wait for it to sing.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has won the “prime minister’s chair” of his dreams after years of concealment and self-restraint.

The basis of running a government is to “not make any blunders. He is determined to maintain this stance until the Upper House election in July.

The hell brought about by the Kishida administration’s inaction on Covid-19

The Kishida administration is following former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s policy of focusing on vaccines because it cannot do “nothing” against Covid. He must be laughing all the way to the bank, because his approval rating is slowly rising.

However, the shock of the Omicron Variant, which exploded at the beginning of the year, was tremendous. It has become one of the biggest infections in the country, with a record number of new cases being reported every day.

We have known about the Omicron outbreak since last year, but it has sent Prime Minister Kishida into a panic. The shortage of vaccine stocks, the fierce international battle for oral medication, and the fact that people aged five to 11 The rush to approve vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds is mind-boggling. The response has been completely out of control.

In addition, an expert panel suggested that patients with minor illnesses caused by Omicron infection should be kept at home, and a proposal to prioritize the elderly and those with basic illnesses was considered. This makes it sound like young people should not go to the hospital. It is inevitable that the peak of the disease will be higher if people have to stay at home when the infection is so frightening.

Newly contracted vaccines are still awaiting delivery, and the oral drug Mornupiravir, which was supposed to make up for the vaccine shortage, is in dire straits with only 3.2 million doses in stock.

The Prime Minister’s office has been asked what he has been doing during his four months in office. Prime Minister Kishida has said that he will take measures to deal with the characteristics of the Omicron Variant, but we can only assume that he is underestimating the number of serious cases because there are only a few.

It is too irresponsible for the administration not to consider the risks now that the cause of the fifth wave has not yet been verified,” said a doctor at a university hospital commissioned by the MHLW.

Behind the Scenes of the “Do Nothing” Strategy

The Kishida administration is “not taking any risks. In other words, the Kishida administration is “not taking any risks” and is choosing to “do nothing” rather than move and be criticized. In response to the government’s action, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said

The Tokyo metropolitan government has expressed its concern over the government’s response to the outbreak, saying, “At the current pace, there is a high possibility that 18,266 new cases will be diagnosed in one day within a week.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has expressed a sense of crisis. In response to the statement by Mr. Omi, the chairman of the government subcommittee, that there is no need for a stay-home, Governor Yuriko Koike announced a plan to control the flow of people, which is the exact opposite of the government’s view.

We will raise the infection alert level to the highest level. We ask that you avoid going out unnecessarily and work remotely as much as possible.

The alert level for new Covid is determined by the tightness of the local medical system. Prime Minister Kishida and Chairman Omi said that the response was appropriate for Omicron stocks, but it is difficult to accept this announcement at this stage.

It would be the height of irresponsibility to say that the response is appropriate for the sixth wave when the fifth wave has not yet been verified. We should not make easy judgments based on the fact that the number of seriously injured and dead is small, but we should at least analyze the situation after the sixth wave has subsided.

Kishida sneered under his mask.

However, his approval rating is rising. Perhaps Prime Minister Kishida has a talent for finding the people’s blind spots.

Even in the regular session of the Diet, which has finally begun, there is no impression that Prime Minister Kishida is exercising leadership. He should present the contents of “new capitalism,” which is on everyone’s mind, but he has not done so. There are 58 Cabinet bills to be submitted to the Diet this session. There are no government bills where the ruling and opposition parties are in direct conflict. The carbon tax and the financial transaction tax have been withdrawn because they would have a negative impact on the election.

The Kishida administration’s strategy is to ‘do nothing’ until the upper house election. The Kishida administration’s strategy is to ‘do nothing’ until the upper house elections, and it seems to be telling itself that it will never get angry in public, will not laugh carelessly, and will work quietly.

However, when Junya Ogawa, chairman of the policy research committee of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, took a question, Prime Minister Kishida was laughing under his mask. I felt as if I had seen Prime Minister Kishida’s other side, as if he were saying, ‘Rich people don’t fight,’ or that he was being lazy.

All of this is for the Upper House election. Is there any value in having a prime minister who neglects the lives of the people by adopting a “do nothing” strategy to avoid making major mistakes?

Kan was better than this?

“Kan was better”? “Even if the Omicron is over, the Covid-19 will mutate again. Even if he manages to win the upper house election without a hitch, the deadline for repayment of the emergency loan against Covid-19 will come sooner or later. There will be a number of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who will not be able to repay the loan. What are you going to do about it?” Former Prime Minister Kan leaked this bitterly at Prime Minister Kishida.

How will Prime Minister Kishida deal with this blank period after the election? All he can think about is the immediate election. Former Prime Minister Kan, who never took a day off during his tenure, was a better choice.

As long as he can survive the Upper House election, he will be in power for a long time. Prime Minister Kishida does not understand the enormous damage that the new Covid will cause to the people.

“The social aftereffects of the new Covid are serious,” Kan said.

Kan is said to be concerned.

Financial authorities are wondering how much of the ¥40-50 trillion in emergency Covid-19 loans lent through the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) and the nation’s credit unions and regional banks will turn into non-performing loans. This is not the time for Prime Minister Kishida to be worrying about prolonging his administration.

  • Reporting and writing Shutaro Iwashiro Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

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