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Eri Fukatsu, Miyazawa, Matsushima… Why the “Born in 1973” actresses are getting their big break

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Fukatsu and her partner, stylist Haruhisa Shirayama, walking down the street at night under a shared umbrella in July 2006.

Eri Fukatsu is starring in NHK’s morning drama “Kamukamu evuribadi” Nanako Matsushima is a super-sub in “Tonari no Chikara” (TV Asahi) starring Jun Matsumoto, which starts on January 20, Rie Miyazawa, whose movie “Kessen wa Sunday” is a hit, and Ryoko Shinohara, who plays an intense love scene with Takanori Iwata in the movie “Goldfish Wife,” which will be available on Netflix from February.

All four were born in 1973 and will be 49 years old this year. All of them are major actresses on the verge of their big break.

Their reputation is growing every year.

In the 50th episode of “Kamukamu evuribadi” aired on January 12, Fukatsu showed off her perfect pitching form in the catching scene. It is said that she was under the guidance of a former professional baseball player, and despite having no experience in baseball, she was able to master it in a short period of practice.

Ms. Matsushima is getting more and more exposure. Her husband, Mr. Takashi Sorimachi, graduated from the TV drama “Partners” (TV Asahi), in which he had appeared for many years, and she has replaced him. She has appeared in commercials for Suntory’s “Perfect Suntory Beer”, Taisho Pharmaceutical’s “Pabron”, and food delivery service “Uber Eats”. He is also actively involved in TV dramas, and is said to be considering a sequel to “Keseiyuu no Mita” (NTV), which was a big hit in 2011.

Ms. Miyazawa and her husband, Go Morita, who left Johnny’s, jointly established a new office, MOSS, in November last year. It seems that Ms. Miyazawa will be supporting Mr. Morita, who is aiming to make a further leap forward as an actor while working as an actress. Ms. Shinohara played a married woman who crosses the line in “Goldfish Wife” with Kyoko Hasegawa and others.

Unexpected background common to all four

Matsushima buys food and heads for the pickup truck. She is wearing black pants and a white shirt, a simple but stylish look.

The four famous actresses who are on the verge of their breakthroughs can be called the “Flower Class of ’73. Why are they shining brighter than ever?

There are two main reasons. One is that they have settled down in their personal lives. Ms. Matsushima and Ms. Shinohara have children who are at least in junior high school, so they are no longer raising children. Ms. Miyazawa has a good relationship with Mr. Morita, and Mr. Fukatsu has a stable de facto marriage to a famous stylist with whom he has been dating for more than 15 years. They are in an environment where they can concentrate on their work,” said an employee of a commercial TV station.

The second reason is their careers and their characteristics as actresses.

The second reason is their backgrounds and characteristics as actresses: “All four of them worked as idols or models right after their debut. Fukatsu worked as an idol singer under the names “Rie Takahara” and “Rie Mizuhara,” while Shinohara belonged to the “Tokyo Performance Doll. Ms. Matsushima was a swimsuit mascot girl for Asahi Kasei, and Ms. Miyazawa was a well-known top idol.

These girls, who have had various careers to get to their current positions, are very flexible. They don’t have selfish thoughts like “I have to play the lead role,” and they are comfortable playing supporting roles even though they are great actresses, like Ms. Matsushima who plays a super sub in “My Neighbor’s Chikara. She is not selfish like some of the other actresses of her generation.

Actresses of the same age are attracting more and more attention. The “Flower Class of ’73” may become the keyword of the year in the entertainment industry.

Miyazawa and her husband, Morita, on their way to their car in the parking lot after dinner.
Shinohara leaving the spa. She looks so beautiful even when she’s almost out of her skin! Taken in February 2006.
Fukatsu and Takuya Kimura on the set of the drama “CHANGE” in April 2008.
Sorimachi at the wheel of his beloved car with Matsushima in the passenger seat, March 2008.
Miyazawa and Morita were enjoying their date even before their marriage. Photographed in May 2008.
Shinohara’s date at an Italian restaurant. Her husband, Ichimura Masachika, was gently escorting his heavily pregnant wife.
Fukatsu is shopping at a convenience store in Tokyo, photographed in March 2004.
Matsushima returns to his car after training at the gym. Photo taken in June 2007.
Miyazawa pushing a cart. A gold ring shines on the ring finger of her left hand.
Shinohara having dinner with her children in August 2006.
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