Sayaka Kanda shows off her “smile dance” after her stage performance in November | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sayaka Kanda shows off her “smile dance” after her stage performance in November

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One month before her sudden death, Sayaka left the Imperial Theater with a light step, as if she were dancing. She was smiling and working hard at her rehearsals.

Sayaka was not the victim of her parents’ influence. Sayaka Kanda, 35, born to Seiko Matsuda, 59, and Masateru Kanda, 71, two of the most famous stars of the Showa era, rose to become a top actress on her own merits. It was Sayaka’s dream to play the lead role in the musical “My Fair Lady”.

It has been a month since Ms. Kanda passed away. On November 22 last year, FRIDAY spotted Sayaka leaving the Imperial Theater after the lunchtime performance. Dressed in a white coat, Sayaka raised her right hand as if dancing and stepped lightly. It was a tragedy just when things seemed to be sailing smoothly.

We will never be able to hear the voice that charmed so many people again. ……

A shot of Sayaka and her ex-husband Murata at their wedding party in Tokyo in May 2005. They were at the height of their happiness.
In May ’11, Sayaka was enjoying a yakiniku (grilled meat) date with an actor she was dating. Like Seiko, Sayaka’s life was full of love.
Kanda and Seiko hold Sayaka in the parking lot in front of their house in August 1987. Seiko gazing lovingly at Sayaka is impressive.
Seiko returns to Tokyo with Sayaka’s remains after the final farewell in Sapporo.
Kanda looked exhausted and downcast.
A cut from the magazine Sayaka Kanda’s “Dance of Smiles” one month before her sudden death

From “FRIDAY” January 7-14, 2022 issue

  • PHOTO Takahiro Kagawa, Tetuko Takemoto, Shinji Hasuo, Shinya Inui

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