Shin-Ae Ahn’s “elegant appearance at a luxury beach” gets rave reviews! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shin-Ae Ahn’s “elegant appearance at a luxury beach” gets rave reviews!

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Ahn enjoying a day of elegance (from her Instagram @shianeahn)

South Korean professional golfer Shin-Ae Ahn, known as the “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting a lot of attention for her Instagram account, which shows her in a T-shirt and pants on the beach. Beautiful! She was inundated with comments of praise.

The photo was taken on a terrace with a view of the beach and the ocean. Dressed in a black t-shirt and denim shorts, she is looking sideways at the camera with her hands on her head. It’s a very picturesque shot.

It seems that Anne was actually staying in Southern California for the past few days. The photo she posted before this one, which became a hot topic, was taken at Torrey Pines, a prestigious golf course in the San Diego area of southern California, USA.

Incidentally, this is also where the PGA Tour is held every year, and this year the “Farmers Insurance Open” will be held from January 26 to 19. Anne seemed to be playing a round of golf in a miniskirt here, and she also showed her fans a video of her iron swing. She also showed fans a video of her iron swing. Fans in Japan may have been a little surprised by her unexpectedly light clothing in the middle of winter.

She also showed photos of herself shopping on Rodeo Drive and enjoying dinner. Perhaps this winter is a winter of relaxation for Anne.

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