She became the president! Yu Aoi, a married couple who love idols, is breaking new ground | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She became the president! Yu Aoi, a married couple who love idols, is breaking new ground

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Aoi and her husband Yamazato take a nighttime stroll in Tokyo.

Actress Yu Aoi, 36, seems to have found a new place to work.

In November of last year, she became the president of an entertainment production company called “taft. This was reported by “Josei Jishin” (February 1 issue). According to the magazine, Aoi will assume the position under her real name, “Yu Yamasato,” and is said to be involved in editing photo books and books, as well as revitalizing the film industry.

According to the report, Aoi will take over the post under his real name, Yu Yamasato, and will be involved in editing photo books and books, and revitalizing the film industry. Last year, she was the editor-in-chief of the photo book of Momona Kasahara of the idol group “Angstrom. At that time, she felt a strong sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Ms. Aoi and Ryota Yamasato of Nankai Candies, whom she married in June 2007, have both professed their love for idols. From now on, she and Mr. Yamasato will work together to find talent. The entertainment production company of which she is now the president may bring out wonderful idols to the world.

Although Aoi and Yamazato are a unique couple of comedian and actress, their close relationship is well known in the entertainment industry.

Aoi and Yamazato are famous in the entertainment industry for their close relationship. “Yamazato has almost 10 regular TV programs. Aoi, on the other hand, is heavily involved in dramas and movies, and her schedule was almost completely blacked out last year. Right after their marriage, they separated because of their busy schedules.

After that, they took advantage of any free time in their schedule to move their furniture and other things into their new house and started their married life in earnest. In spite of their busy schedules, when their days off coincide, they watch live performances of their mutual favorite idol “Angstrom” or Takarazuka’s stage performances on DVD, or go to the movies in secret.

They share a common interest in idols, and their marriage is happy. They share a common hobby of being idol lovers and are happy as a couple. It is likely that they will be able to share the appeal of their hobby with many people in the future.

  • Photography Ippei Hara Keisuke Nishi Kyodo News Co.

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