Get up close and personal with the beauty and dignity of popular female announcers! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Get up close and personal with the beauty and dignity of popular female announcers!

Our fashion writer checks them out! (Nippon Television Network Corporation Edition)

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TV Enjoy the gap between the way they look on TV and the way they look on TV!

I have to admit that I have never been very interested in the personal clothes of female announcers. To be honest, I’ve never really been interested in the personal appearance of female announcers, and that’s partly because I haven’t been able to find anyone like Miku Natsume from Nippon Television Network for a while now. I used to think that the younger ones would wear red-letter office worker fashion, while the more experienced ones would wear conservative fashion.

But! As we live in an age where diversity is accepted, it seems that the fashion of female announcers is also becoming more varied.

In this issue, I’d like to pick up some of the female announcers from Nippon Television Network Corporation whose casual off-duty outfits caught my eye, and judge their fashion sense on my own.

Left: Asami Mizuto (photo by Ichiro Takatsuka), Middle: Mami Sugino (photo by Yuri Adachi), Right: Kyoko Gunji (photo by Yuri Adachi)

The lineup is rich in individuality, from modest to orthodox.

The personal clothes of Asami Mizuto, a very popular person, are surprisingly a bit more modish!

Looking at this image alone, it looks like a simple commuting outfit that is typical of a mature woman… (Photo by Ichiro Takatsuka)

Mizuto-chan is a superstar in the announcer world, loved by men and women of all ages. About two years ago, she wore a trench coat over a crew knit and a shiny pleated skirt on her way home from work. At first glance, it looks basic, but in fact, this trench coat has a gorgeous design with a bold frill on the left side. It’s not too much, but not too plain either.

The design of the trench with the frill on the left side shows off a stylish spirit (photo by Hideyuki Nishihara)
Not only the clothes, but the accessories as well. The pearl earrings accentuate the perfect balance of elegance and playfulness (photo by Yuri Adachi).

Next, let’s check out Mizuto-chan’s summer outfit: in the early summer of the same year as the first picture, the day she was caught in a photo with her senior analyst, Taichi Masu, she wore a long black gilet and a layered skirt with a glossy pattern. She wore a long black gilet and a glossy patterned skirt, with a pair of voluminous sporty sandals for a more casual look. While keeping up with the trends, the waist mark and the leather bag give her an adult look. The self-production skills of a successful woman are indeed impressive!

Anna Mami Sugino’s neat and clean lookincreases her likability.

This is a very clean, skin-tight outfit that is sure to be well received by everyone.

Ms. Sugino’s outfit, with its somewhat traditional flavor, is my personal favorite. It’s classy and feminine, but not flirtatious. The neckline and sleeves of this navy dress are also very well cut. It looks like a center pleat, but maybe it’s an all-in-one with pants on the bottom. If so, it’s even more beautiful. The Shapelier boat-shaped tote and ankle strap sandals also caught my eye.

Anna No Aoi Iwamoto: Tighten up a difficult skirt with black.

I fell in love with the way she wore a slim skirt in a bright camel and beige color scheme with a crisp black top and coat. The fact that she wears socks and short boots instead of tights is also a plus.

Anna Kyoko Gunji’s gentle beige one-tone coordinate is perfect for her.

This beige one-piece dress has a sleek silhouette that looks great on her slender figure. The white cardigan draped over her shoulders, the square bag in light brown tones, and the cork sandals with thick soles were also nice touches (photo by Yuri Adachi).

The female announcers of Nippon TV showed us more stylish private fashion than we expected. I was impressed by their sense of identifying their own personalities and choosing outfits that would look good on them, as only people who are always being watched can do.

Please continue to entertain us with your approachable smiles and fashions, and your unconcealed intelligence and dignity!

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