A hot topic in its U.S. debut! “ATARASHII GAKKO!” creates a frenzy | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A hot topic in its U.S. debut! “ATARASHII GAKKO!” creates a frenzy

A performance group that is sure to make a splash, "rampaging" around the world with their all-out performances.

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With the development of social networking sites, I think young people nowadays feel like they know the world at their fingertips. But you can’t understand anything until you actually try it, right? That’s why I want to tell everyone to free themselves more and face the real world. That’s what I want to convey.

This is SUZUKA (20) of the dance and vocal performance group “New School Leaders”. The four-member group, whose motto is “Singing and dancing sailor uniforms, representing Japan in youth,” has gained popularity for their powerful dancing and original performances, and boasts 3.4 million followers on TikTok.

From right to left, SUZUKA (20), MIZYU (23), KANON (19), and RIN (20). Their all-out performances, including gymnastics-like choreography and violent head bobbing, attract the attention of the audience.

I started TikTok with a casual attitude, but it suddenly became popular. We didn’t have a meeting beforehand, we just got together and said, “Why don’t we try this? We would improvise and arrange popular dances into our own fierce moves and post them on the site.

(MIZYU) When the account was first opened, many viewers mistook the trademark sailor uniform for a real school uniform. In the comment section, there were some people who were worried that their school would find out.

However, as the performance gradually spread, the comment section was filled with comments from new fans who got to know the girls through SNS. In addition, they have been featured on “news zero” and “Mezamashi TV,” and their popularity among the general public has skyrocketed.

She has been featured on “news zero” and “Mezame TV. I used to be told that I was a TikTok girl, but the number of people who come to our live performances via TikTok is gradually increasing, and I think people are starting to understand that we are a performance group, not just a bunch of high school girls with a buzz.

RIN (20). RIN (20) has the best dance skills among the group.

A new goal after their international debut

In January of this year, they signed a contract with the American music label 88rising and made their international debut. In November, they performed at a festival in LA with 25,000 people.

In November, they performed at a 25,000-person festival in LA. (laughs) All the members had thought through the idea of giving a performance that no one had ever seen before, so we were confident that we could definitely leave a mark.

SUZUKA (20). She is the vocalist.

The live performance was actually a great success. She said she felt the heat of the overseas audience with her whole body.

When we bowed to the audience before the live, they got really excited, and during the performance, the audience’s voices were so loud that I thought everyone was shouting from the bottom of their stomachs. There were a lot of people dancing with us, and there were even people holding up pineapples, the motif of our debut song “Pineapple Kryptonite,” and shouting.

A shot during a performance at “Head In the Clouds” hosted by “88rising” on November 6, 2009.

Although they have excited the world, they are usually just ordinary young girls.

We always get together at RIN’s house and chat over donuts. We talk about work, but lately we’ve been checking each other’s love (laughs). The name of our group line is “Family 2. We all have our own families, but we’re also family, so we call ourselves “Family 2. We’re beyond the level of likes and dislikes.

When I asked the girls about their future goals, they replied as follows.

When I asked them about their future goals, they replied, “We want to perform on the big stages of the world. There, we want to free ourselves even more and shout out, ‘Let’s live our lives to the fullest'” (SUZUKA)

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