Taizo Sugimura on the Surprising Controversy between Hollimon and Jun Tamura: “Bad Luck in an Accident” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taizo Sugimura on the Surprising Controversy between Hollimon and Jun Tamura: “Bad Luck in an Accident”

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Takafumi Horie raised an objection to Jun Tamura’s Twitter. This led to an “internet battle” involving each other’s fans, but…

This is the first time I’ve been able to get a chance to see a video on the Internet. This has become a hot topic of discussion, and has even sparked commentator Taizo Sugimura.

It all started on January 17, when Jun wrote on Twitter about North Korea’s daily missile launches.

It started on January 17, when Jun wrote on Twitter, referring to the reports of North Korea’s daily missile launches, “Can’t you do anything even if this many missiles are flying? If a missile were to fly into Japanese territory, would they be able to shoot it down properly? It’s regrettable…

Mr. Horie responded. In response, Mr. Horie wrote

It’s technically difficult to shoot down a missile flying at supersonic speed, and even Israel’s Iron Dome fails to intercept some of them. How much money do you think it would cost to deploy those missiles in all of Japan? If it lands on Japan, it will be the end of the Kim dynasty, so we won’t do it.

I won’t do it,” he countered. Mr. Horie is also involved in a rocket launch company, so he seems to have a lot of expertise in this area. Furthermore

The level of the people on TV is like this, so you can only imagine the level of the people in Japan… That’s more depressing.

I think it’s more depressing…” He posted a ridiculous comment about Jun.

The discussion became heated, involving ordinary users.

As is the case with any rocket launch, we simulate the launch on a large scale and design it in such a way that there will be absolutely no human casualties. That’s the basic principle. It’s the same for us. If we fail, the company will go bankrupt.

He went on to explain his theory. Jun then said on the same night

In the first place, it’s fine to have all kinds of opinions… It’s that kind of atmosphere that makes it hard for people to express their opinions… From now on, we don’t need the ability to bite.

He tweeted. Jun also tweeted in March of last year

The commentator’s comment is just a way of saying this is what I think about the question asked, so no matter what I comment on, I don’t think you need to be so angry. Everyone has their own opinions, and it’s okay if they don’t all agree with each other. I like to comment on the news.

I like to comment on the news,” he said, adding that it was “no problem” to have different opinions.

Mr. Horie has received a lot of comments from ordinary users.

You seem to know a lot about North Korea, but have you actually been there and seen it? Where do you get your information from?

In response to the question

He replied, “That’s a turn of phrase just like Hiroyuki Poop.


Whenever I go on TV, people like Daizo Sugimura give me out-of-focus advice, and decent people don’t go on TV anymore.

And so on. The next day, Jun said

The next day, Jun wrote a meaningful post saying, “People who have knowledge but don’t have the ability to communicate it to others are the same as those who don’t have knowledge.

The next day, Jun made a meaningful post.

(TBS) in March last year. (TBS) was terminated in March last year.

(TBS) in March of last year, Jun wrote in the last episode, “I still want to be an MC of an information program! I really want to be the MC of an information program! Please let me be the MC of an information program, even if it’s just someone who is watching this!

I want to be the MC of an information program! He has always been interested in social issues and has said many things about them, so this must have been a genuine cry from his heart.

He has been interested in social issues for a long time and has said many things. He is interested in many fields, and I think he has his eye on a news program in the future. That’s why I think she feels unwilling to be perceived negatively about something she honestly thought.

The two of them are immensely popular and outspoken on the Internet. It might be a good thing if people who see this have a chance to expand their awareness of the issues surrounding North Korea…

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