Kiyomiya of Nippon-Ham succeeds in losing 9 kilograms, but “the content of his bold statement is worrying”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kiyomiya of Nippon-Ham succeeds in losing 9 kilograms, but “the content of his bold statement is worrying”.

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Kiyomiya practices with a special bat that has two handles. A scene during voluntary training with Yanagida (Image: Kyodo News)

It was a stumbling block before the start of camp on February 1.

On January 17, Kotaro Kiyomiya (22) of Nippon Ham was found to be infected with the new coronavirus. On January 17, Kotaro Kiyomiya, 22, of Nippon Ham was found to be infected with a new strain of coronavirus, forcing him to cancel a joint training session with Yuki Yanagita of Softbank in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture. The training session with Yanagida had been arranged directly by Kiyomiya.

In his own way, Kiyomiya must have a sense of crisis. Kiyomiya is in his fifth year with the club, and although he is expected to be a big hitter, he has hit only 21 home runs in his four years with the club. Last year, for the first time in his professional career, he did not appear in the first round of the National League.

I think he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Yanagida, who achieved the Triple Three (batting average of 30%, 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases) in 2003 and won the MVP award twice. As a left-handed hitter, I’m fascinated by him because he’s the best hitter in Japan, no matter who you look at. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s a fan of your work.

He is steadily carrying out the orders of new manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the “Big Boss. During last fall’s camp, he said, “You’re a little fat, aren’t you? He was 103kg and now weighs 94kg, a weight loss of 9kg.

She says that she is conscious of cutting down on fat. He doesn’t use any dressing or sauce on his salads, and he chooses meats with less fat and doesn’t use salt or lemon. He wakes up a little after five in the morning. He wakes up after 5 a.m. and walks for about an hour every morning at a speed of about 6 kilometers per hour.

I want to give him a shot.

So far, Kiyomiya has shown a smooth finish. On the other hand, there are those who are concerned about his comments.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that. I’m concerned that he’s become more aggressive after his weight loss success. It’s easy for me to move around. I’m not tired,’ he said. I’d like to hit one in front of Mr. Yanagida since the season opener is against the Hawks, and my goal is to hit 30 home runs. Even though he has lost weight, I don’t think the pros will be so lenient that a player who has never hit double digits in home runs can suddenly hit 30.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but I don’t think you’ve ever heard of it. He said, “I think I’m better than the other pitchers. It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who can’t afford to buy a new one. If a player with a proven track record had said that, Kiyomiya would still be a high school student at the time. I think he should be more humble in his approach to baseball. I hope he didn’t let his pride at having successfully lost weight cause him to speak out too much.

Some people may get the impression from his bold statement that his sense of crisis has diminished due to his successful weight loss. And losing weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better results.

Shinjo has also been concerned about his weight since he was an active player. But while he lost weight, he maintained his muscle strength. I think Kiyomiya’s strengths are his power and distance. If his goal is to hit 30 home runs, he should be careful about his diet.

Kiyomiya is currently recuperating from a corona infection, and whether or not he will be able to awaken in his fifth year depends on his determination to put aside his naivety and pride.

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