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The God of Appraisal Confirms that Don Juan’s Will is a Fake

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The “God of Appraisal” Declares

While Saki Sudo sits behind bars waiting for her trial to begin, another trial of great importance to her is steadily progressing. This is the trial over the authenticity of the “will” that Kosuke Nozaki is said to have written before his death.

The results of the verification shown in the expert report

All personal property shall be transferred to Tanabe City.

This “will” was submitted to the court in August 2006. After that, Tanabe City announced that it would accept the inheritance, but the bereaved family filed a lawsuit in April 2008, seeking to confirm the invalidity of the will.

Naturally, handwriting analysis is an important factor in a trial to dispute the authenticity of a will. The bereaved family submitted three expert reports. All of them came to the shocking conclusion that the handwriting in the will was not Mr. Nozaki’s.

One of the three appraisals was written by an authority known as the “God of appraisal. I was surprised that even he declared that the will was a fake,” said a reporter in charge of judicial affairs for a national newspaper.

That person is Kazuaki Uozumi, director of the Rokko Handwriting Science Institute and professor emeritus at Kobe University. Kazuaki Uozumi is the director of the Rokko Handwriting Science Institute and a professor emeritus at Kobe University. He has a history of being asked by a newspaper to analyze the criminal statement in the so-called “Rose Sakaki Case,” the 1997 Kobe serial child murder case. At the time, it was reported that the perpetrator was in his thirties, but Mr. Uozumi is known to have discovered that the use of difficult kanji characters was for camouflage and that the perpetrator might have been a boy.

This time, Mr. Uozumi compared and analyzed the handwriting allegedly belonging to Mr. Nozaki and the will submitted by both Tanabe City and the bereaved family. He concluded that the will was not in Nozaki’s handwriting. Mr. Uozumi asserted in an interview with this magazine.

I am 100% confident in this appraisal. Even if Tanabe City submits another expert opinion in the future, I am certain that I will be able to defeat it, and if I am called to court, I will give a thorough explanation. I will never lose.

Uozumi also complained about the attitude of Tanabe City.

Mr. Uozumi also complained about the attitude of Tanabe City, saying, “The documents Tanabe City submitted to the court contained a lot of bullshit. I could only think that they were doing it on purpose in order to confuse the appraisal. The government should be ashamed of itself. As for me, I would love to see the Tanabe City side make a counter argument. I think it is important that handwriting analysis attracts more attention in an aging society where legacy issues are becoming more and more common.

The “god of the appraisal world” has gone so far as to say that the will is a fake.

The city of Tanabe has consistently taken the stance that they don’t know if they will submit a written opinion. I’m sure they realize the disadvantages of handwriting analysis and are planning to fight it out in other areas.

In addition, the amount of the inheritance is different, but whether the will is real or fake, Saki will be able to inherit it. However, there is a system in the Civil Code called “disqualification from inheritance,” which means that if you are found guilty of killing Mr. Nozaki, you will not receive your inheritance.

What will happen to the trial and the huge inheritance? The Don Juan case took a major turn in 2010.

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