Koki Mitani to replace Takeshi as host of “N-CAS”: “Unexpected habits” are a concern | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koki Mitani to replace Takeshi as host of “N-CAS”: “Unexpected habits” are a concern

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Screenwriter Koki Mitani to make his first attempt at hosting an information program at the milestone age of 60.

TBS TV is causing a stir with its unexpected choice of host.

The reason is that it has been learned that scriptwriter Koki Mitani will be the general host of “New Information 7days Newscaster” (TBS). This is because the scriptwriter, Koki Mitani, will be appointed as the host of “New Information 7days Newscaster” (TBS).

He will replace Beat Takeshi, who has announced that he will leave the program at the end of March.

I’m surprised that he’s not a commentator, but a general host. Mr. Mitani is a master at making comments with a slightly off-kilter air, but when it comes to hosting, he is an unknown quantity. However, since he will be teaming up with TBS announcer Shinichiro Azumi, I think he will be able to make the most of his strengths if he can say whatever he wants, just like Beat Takeshi has been doing.

That’s what a TV magazine writer thinks. On the other hand, some people from the theatrical field are worried about Mr. Mitani’s mental health.

I’m worried about Mr. Mitani’s mental health.

That’s what a source tells me. “Why is that?” The reason is as follows.

Mr. Mitani is the type of person who cares about the people around him. When a play for which he wrote the script opens, he feels compelled to check out all the media that have reviews of the play. In the broadest sense of the word, his ego-searching is unbelievable.

Mr. Mitani’s peculiarity is revealed and he continues.

This time, I’m hosting a TV program, so the public’s attention is different. Even the slightest comment is turned into an article by the media and uploaded on Yahoo News. The number of comments is also huge, and there are always two sides to every opinion.

How do you keep your spirits up when you are inundated with anti-Mitani comments? He has a reputation for being mentally strong in spite of his concern for the people around him, but the degree of harshness and vitriol are completely different between theater reviews and comments from ordinary viewers. That’s what worries me.

Naturally, such concerns were anticipated, and it was Mr. Mitani himself who accepted the offer. It was Mr. Mitani who accepted the offer, it was Mr. Mitani who spoke out, it was Mr. Mitani who was praised, and it was Mr. Mitani who was burned.

In short, no TV station or TV program has ever done this before, and the appointment of Mr. Mitani as the host was a fresh move. In the world of live broadcasting, where there is no script down to the last word, a new Mr. Mitani will begin.

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