Shimofuri Myojo’s Seiya’s girlfriend was Sanjino Heroine, Maki Fukuda! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shimofuri Myojo’s Seiya’s girlfriend was Sanjino Heroine, Maki Fukuda!

Direct interview: Started dating in 2009, fireworks dates in summer, secret meetings on New Year's Eve in between work, secret from her partner and manager. ...... The truth about the end of "commuting love

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Fukuda heads off to work at the beginning of the year. Shortly after this, their relationship comes to an end.

It really doesn’t matter anymore, but …… I’ve broken up with my girlfriend without anyone knowing.

On January 14, “All Night Nippon with Myojo Shimotsukuri” (Nippon Broadcasting System), Seiya (29) of “Myojo Shimotsukuri” confessed that she broke up with her boyfriend. She asked him, “You broke up with no one! Who were you dating?” to which she replied, “Well, well, well, a regular guy.

He replied, “Well, well, well.

Seiya was very busy with 17 TV programs this year end and New Year’s Eve, but he took time out from his busy schedule to spend New Year’s Eve with a woman.

After 7:00 p.m. on December 31, he was invited to the “Laughing New Year’s Eve! Laughing New Year’s Eve,” Seiya quickly got into a cab and left Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) in Minato Ward. She was headed to a certain apartment building. This was actually the home of the “3 o’clock heroine”, Maki Fukuda (33).

After that, the two welcomed the New Year at Fukuda’s home. However, Seiya had a live broadcast of “The King of Footsteps 2022” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) coming up at 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day. At 0:40 a.m., he took a cab from Fukuda’s house to his work.

In fact, the two had always been close, but it had developed into a serious relationship. Since around ’20, Seiya had been approaching Fukuda from her side, inviting him to go to the beach with her and frequently going out for drinks.’ (Seiya’s acquaintance)

When the “Sanjino Heroine” appeared as a guest on “All Night Nippon by Akiboshi Shimotsuki” broadcast on August 28, ’20, Fukuda revealed that Seiya had made a serious approach to her and she had rejected it. However, about half a year later, it seems that they developed into a relationship.

It seems that Fukuda was pushed into a relationship by Seiya’s approach. Their first date was last summer, when they went to a fireworks display at ‘Seibu Amusement Park’. On birthdays and anniversaries, they managed to arrange a time to meet. It seems that Seiya usually went to her house.

On New Year’s Eve last year, Seiya gets into a cab on the main street from Fukuda’s house.

Since the two often work together on a regular basis, they were very careful not to let anyone know about their encounters. Seiya herself was in high spirits, telling everyone around her about her enthusiasm for marriage in a video on her Youtube channel, “Shimofuri Tube,” updated on December 6 last year, but just as she was about to do so, the two broke up.

But just as he was getting excited about marriage, they broke up. She was busy with 16 shows during the year-end and New Year holidays, and he had 17 shows, so maybe they just didn’t see eye to eye.

(An acquaintance of Fukuda’s) Soshina had been complaining to Seiya, “Don’t go out to dinner with (Fukuda)! I don’t want you to do that! For this reason, she might have kept it a secret even from her manager and her partner.

In mid-January, after 10 p.m., Seiya appeared with a woman near her house and we asked her about the truth.

While being interviewed, when he spotted the camera, he asked, “Am I bald? He was concerned about his hair.

–Good evening, this is Friday. Who was that woman with you?

She’s a former classmate of mine. We just went to the movies today.

–I was wondering if I could ask you about the woman you were dating.

No, but she has a lot going on, so I can’t talk about her on …….”

–How did the relationship start in ’21?

How did your relationship start in ’21? “Well, it was normal, but I couldn’t talk about it either. …… But my relationship with her was really short.

During the interview, his eyes were swimming the whole time.

–Can you tell us the reason for your breakup?

I don’t know, I’m a little too embarrassed to talk about it. …… (laughs). I guess I was just too busy. I was so busy during the New Year’s holidays.

–You made time to see your girlfriend on New Year’s Eve, didn’t you? Isn’t Ms. Fukuda the heroine of 3 o’clock your girlfriend?

Did you go to …… your girlfriend’s house …… me? No, no! I’m really just a senior. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can’t bother Mr. Fukuda. ……”

She was acting suspicious all the way through, but in the end, she suddenly said, “Anyone who goes to the movies in a white t-shirt like this will never get married! He took off his jacket and showed it to this reporter.

Seiya took off her jacket and showed it to the reporter. She was wearing the same clothes on this day as she did on New Year’s Eve.

In the end, he seemed to have enjoyed “Spider-Man : No Way Home,” which he saw with a woman that day, and said, “The next time I get hit, I’m definitely going to get hit in MARVEL clothes! And then he left.

I hope she will use her broken heart as an artistic fertilizer to become a more successful woman!

From “FRIDAY” February 4, 2022 issue

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