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Haruka Shimazaki’s overwhelming aura at the “Illuminations Shine On” photo shoot

Eyewitness! Harikomi24 [Suidobashi 20:30].

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On a cold night in mid-December at an amusement park near Tokyo Dome (Bunkyo-ku), filming was underway for the drama “Hare Kekkon. (ABC TV, etc.), which will start on January 16, was being filmed on a cold night in mid-December.

Passing female students and office workers immediately recognized Shimazaki and shouted, “Oh, it’s Paruru! Oh, it’s Paruru!

Based on the comic of the same title, this is a romantic comedy about married life in a town where polygamy, or harem marriage, is allowed. The harem owner is played by Tomo Inaba (28) and the third wife is played by Haruka Shimazaki (27).

Standing in front of the camera that day were Shimazaki, the lead actress, and Yurina Yanagi (27), who played the first wife. The two wives were arguing furiously against the illuminated backdrop. Paruru says her lines with a grim expression on her face. She was also seen checking the script to see if it was a long line.

Since graduating from AKB48, Paruru has been focusing on her acting career, and as a leading actress, she has a wide range of expressions. In this film, she plays a heroine who has no luck with men because she is always with unfaithful men, but that’s not true in real life, is it!

A cut from the magazine Haruka Shimazaki Haruka Shimazaki was spotted in Suidobashi on location for a drama.

From the January 21, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takafumi Shinagawa

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