Maika Yamamoto: “Overwhelming professionalism” that defies the cold north wind | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maika Yamamoto: “Overwhelming professionalism” that defies the cold north wind

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (Shimbashi, 12:40)

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Yamamoto was waiting with his coat on while waiting for his turn to be photographed. Suddenly a cold wind blew and he frowned.

It was a sparsely populated weekend in Shinbashi (Minato-ku). At the entrance of an office building, the film crew was busy preparing for the shoot. Nearby, a small-faced woman in a pure white down coat waits for her turn. It was model and actress Maika Yamamoto (24).

When it was her turn, she took off her down coat and stood in front of the camera. Unfortunately, there was a cold north wind blowing between the buildings that day. It must have been very cold. Yamamoto, wearing a light costume, looked as if he was about to freeze, and as soon as the camera cut to him, the staff gave him a coat to put on.

Yamamoto was reported to be living with actor Kentaro Ito (24) at the beginning of 2008, but they broke up when Ito had a collision in the fall of the same year. At first, she said, ‘I will support you without breaking up,’ but now she seems to have completely blown it.

Last year, Yamamoto appeared in five dramas and has been working hard on her acting career. It seems that her work has healed the pain of her broken heart.

From “FRIDAY” January 21, 2022 issue

  • Photo by Shinpei Yuzuki

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