A 42-year-old father locked his 2-month-old baby in a freezer. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 42-year-old father locked his 2-month-old baby in a freezer.

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The suspect, Nishioka, is being prosecuted. He partially denies the charges, saying he did not intend to assault anyone.

The temperature in the freezer was minus 18 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the freezer was minus 18 degrees Celsius, and the two-month-old infant was gradually pushed inside. The father was amused and took pictures of the scene with his smartphone.

On January 10, the Osaka Prefectural Police arrested Ryuji Nishioka, 42, a company employee living in Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City, on suspicion of assault. On April 15-16 last year, Nishioka wrapped his two-month-old second son in baby clothes and locked him in a refrigerator and freezer at a hotel in Fukuoka City, which he visited on a family vacation. It is said that Nishioka locked his two-month-old son in a refrigerator and freezer, wrapping him in baby clothes.

It was in August of last year that the abuse was discovered. Nishioka and his wife took their second son to the hospital for a checkup. When the doctor examined the second son, he found multiple fractures in his left thigh and ribs.

When the doctor questioned him, Nishioka explained that he had no idea what was going on. When the doctor became suspicious, the child guidance center contacted the police and reported that there was a possibility of abuse. The prefectural police then raided Nishioka’s home,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

When the seized smartphones and computers were analyzed, a large number of unbelievable images were discovered.

The abuse had been recorded since March of last year, when the second son was one month old. The content is fierce. He left the crying infant slumped over a table, blew dust in his face with a dust-repelling device, and flicked his nursing legs with his fingers. ……

There was also a video of a radio-controlled helicopter circling near an infant’s face and hitting it. Some of the videos included the voice of the wife saying, ‘Stop it,’ when she heard the second son’s cries.

I wanted to be mean to him.

While he was abusing his children, Nishioka was also showing off his child-caring skills on social media. On his Facebook page, he posted this message along with a picture of his second son.

[Joon’s] family has grown by one.

He finally started laughing.

In response to the police investigation, Nishioka denied some of the charges, stating.

I didn’t mean to assault her,” he said. I wanted to be mean to her because I thought she was cute.

Yasuhei Ogawa, a former detective with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and a crime journalist, said.

The suspect may have been playing with the child, but the idea is so unnatural and abnormal. He doesn’t see his own son as a person. He treats him as if he were his own property. I think she used him as an object of mischief, taking advantage of the fact that he was born too young to rebel.

The second son, who was abused, has been in the care of the Child Guidance Center since September last year.

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