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Strategy Analysis of New Year Drama Series Reveals the Real “Winners

Fuji: Simultaneous filming of 4 dramas for "Tsuki 9," Netflix: Global distribution strategy, Core viewer ratings or Internet distribution as the strongest guideline, Akimoto Yasushi's big breakthrough, and more!

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Minami Hamanabe (right) and Sae Okazaki (26), who changed their hair to blonde and short, run fast on the set of “Doctor White.

The year 2009 was a year of change in the drama industry. While there were productions where the filming schedule was disrupted due to the new Covid-19 infection of Kei Tanaka (37), Mei Nagano (22) and other leading actors, there were also productions such as “Sinking of Japan” (TBS), which was cranked up six months before it was to be broadcast.

The reason why “Sinking of Japan” was filmed ahead of schedule was so that it could be distributed worldwide almost simultaneously on Netflix. It is said that the filming had to be completed by the time the film was broadcast.

I believe that more and more dramas will involve overseas production companies and consider video distribution, as was the case with Hiroshi Abe’s DCU (TBS) in January. (Producer)

Fuji TV has been specializing in accelerating filming.

Fuji TV specializes in accelerating the filming of dramas, and has filmed four of its “Gekki 9” dramas, including “Don’t Call It Mystery,” starring Masaki Suda, 28, which will start airing in January 2010. I was filming in March 2009. There was plenty of time in the schedule and it was well received by the actors, but if a scandal or incident occurred among the cast before the show aired, it would have to be heavily edited. It’s a double-edged sword,” said a commercial broadcast executive.

On the other hand, TV Tokyo was focusing on Internet distribution with its own strategy, offering late-night dramas such as “I’ll Do It Right in the Next World” for viewing one week earlier on the subscription video distribution service “Paravi.

The aim is to increase the number of members. The advertising industry is now most enthusiastic about Tver, a service jointly operated by commercial broadcasters to distribute missed programs. Real-time distribution has started, and major companies are putting out commercials one after another,” said an advertising agency executive.

In 2009, “Hakozume” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) was one of the best-selling programs on the Internet.

In 2009, “HakoZume” (NTV) performed well on the Internet. “Despite its humble content of the daily life of a police officer, it was carefully produced to make the most of the original story, and it was in the news every time it was aired,” said an entertainment industry executive.

Although “SUPER RICH” (Fuji), starring Noriko Eguchi (41) as a famous biker, struggled in terms of viewership ratings, the broadcast writer says, “The missed broadcast recorded the top rating in the same slot.

The duo of Eji Akatsukuri (27) and Keita Machida (31), who got their breakthrough in “I heard you can become a magician if you are a virgin until you are 30” (abbreviated as “Cherimaho”), are also on the show, proving that expectations for them are high.

As we have already reported, each station places the utmost importance on core viewership ratings (viewership ratings for men and women aged 13-49), but the producer mentioned above says that distribution will have an even greater presence in 2010.

Now, advertising spending in the broadcasting industry is recovering to pre-Covid levels. During the year-end and New Year holidays, there were no slots to sell. Even there, advertising with a high unit price will go to programs with high core viewership. For a while, the core will be the most important factor, but there is no doubt that the number of views for online distribution will become increasingly important. Until now, the only means of recovering production costs have been sponsorship fees and the sale of DVDs and other goods.

The addition of video distribution is a big deal. The number of young people who don’t have TV sets has increased, but if there is interesting content, they will watch it on their smartphones using subs.

Mr. Moro’s recommendation for the No. 1 content of 2009 is “Oomeda to wako to sannin no ex-husband” (Fuji).

This is the work that made me realize once again that ‘90% of a drama is the script. The setting of the story, the strangeness of the dialogue, and the characters are all delightful, strange, active, and real. This is the work of the famous screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto, and I think he can write a script that goes beyond good or bad and makes the actors act naturally.

One of the new year’s dramas for 2010 is “Fight Song” (TBS), written by Yoshikazu Okada, a famous screenwriter.

It’s a great opportunity to see the collaboration of Mr. Okada, who is known for his original screenplays, and Kaya Kiyohara, 19, who has starred in Asa ga Kurita, Natsuzora, and the morning drama Okaeri Monet. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hana Kuroki (31), who is starring in “Gossip #Kanojo ga Shiritsuitai Hontou no 00” (Fuji), can sublimate this work, which is set in the media and tends to be unrealistic, into entertainment. Her true value will be tested.

Yasushi Akimoto (63) is credited with several stations and productions. Drama watcher Masahiro Kitagawa says, “He has the ability to come up with projects and ideas that seem to fit the times, and then make them happen and make them buzz.

She has the ability to come up with projects and ideas that seem to fit the times, and to make them happen and generate buzz. (Teretto), and Yumi Wakatsuki (27) in ‘You Tuber ni Musume no Yara!

Nozomi Sasaki, 33, was highly praised for her talent as an actress in a play she appeared in in 2009. The film she starred in, “You Tuber ni Musume ha Yara nai! is a must-see, according to Hosoda.

The success or failure of this drama may be the turning point that changes not only Nozomin’s future direction but also her life. There seems to be no restrictions on the station or the time of broadcast, so we can expect to see some serious acting.

A producer of a key TV station is paying attention to Minami Hamanabe (21) in “Doctor White” (Fuji).

“Hamabe is an exceptional young actress. This is her first starring role since “Talio: The Two in Charge of Vengeance” (NHK), so I’m looking forward to seeing how she will step up her game.

Speaking of young talented actresses, Nana Mori (20) was involved in an uproar over her transfer to a new agency and ended up appearing in only one omnibus drama in 2009, “The Strange World” (Fuji). She will make a full-fledged return to serial dramas with “Fugitive Doctor F” (Nippon TV), but the staff of the production company is suspicious that it may cause controversy again.

In the original story, the new marine observer played by Mori was a character with some sexy scenes, but it will be drastically changed. I’m worried that this will anger the fans of the original work.

However, Kitagawa believes that “Mori’s potential will outweigh the flames.

I’m not sure what to make of it. You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

If she can regain her image with this work, other TV stations will not be able to ignore her.

She’s not the type of actress who looks spectacular at first glance, but she really shines when she plays a role. She’s not the most flamboyant actress at first glance, but when she plays a role, she really shines. I think she’ll feel like she’s done purifying herself, and before she knows it, she’ll be back to the amount of exposure she had before her transfer trouble.

It will be a different kind of fun to watch the show while keeping an eye on the core viewership ratings and the video distribution system to see which one will be judged as the “winner.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for me to go to the gym, but I’m sure it’s worth it.
Haru (30) plays the role of a manga artist’s assistant in “A Lovely Lie: A Gentle Darkness. His first love is played by Kento Hayashi (31).
In “My Neighbor’s Strength,” Jun Matsumoto (38), an unsuccessful novelist, struggles to make ends meet and even gives Fubuki Jun (69) a piggyback ride.
In “Fugitive Doctor F,” Mori makes a full-fledged return to serial dramas. Will she be able to overcome the trouble of moving to a new office and return to the top of her profession?
In front of a western-style building in Yokohama. Mitsuki Takahata (30) with brown hair and short hair on location for “How I Became the President.

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