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Why there were no questions about Takuya and Shizuka at Koki’s first movie PR?

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Koki chats with her mother, Shizuka Kudo, who is also the president of her private office. She is supporting her daughter both in public and private life.

Koki, who played the lead role in the movie “Ushikubi-mura” for the first time, has completed the film.

Koki, who played the lead role in the movie “Cow’s Head Village” for the first time, attended the completion report press conference. Koki, who played the lead role in the movie “Ushikubi-mura”, attended the press conference to report the completion of the movie.

Koki revealed that she and her sister, Cocomi, had watched the completed movie together. After watching the movie, she said with a smile on her face that Cocomi had told her how hard she had worked, but she didn’t mention her parents at all…” (Wide show insider)

Koki, as she is known, is the daughter of Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo. Koki was born to very big parents, and from the time she made her debut, she was on the cover of foreign magazines and top brands offered her jobs one after another, and her fame spread rapidly.

Koki’s Instagram shows her family getting along well with each other many times. However, it seems that she won’t be using her parents’ names in the PR for this movie.

I was asked by a person involved in the film industry not to introduce her as “the daughter of Mr. Kimura and Ms. Shizuka. This may be a sign that they want people to see her as an actress without using her parents’ influence.

However, this may just be a policy on the part of the PR agency, not on Koki’s part. From the media’s point of view, Koki is of course very well known, but they really want to use the names of her parents, don’t they?

Now that Koki has made her debut as a leading actress, she is probably entering a transitional period where she will be separated from her parents. However, according to Bunshun Online, at the crank-in, Shizuka, who had been following Koki, when she was having trouble fitting in, talked to the people around her in a friendly manner, which helped her to enjoy talking to them.

Since Koki, belongs to Shizuka’s private office, Shizuka is often the only one who accompanies her on the set without a manager. Shizuka is not only a mother, but also a “producer and manager” who fully supports her daughter in both private and public life.

The movie will be released next month, so the public’s evaluation is yet to come, but she is said to be highly regarded as an actress in the industry. I’m sure she’ll get offers from terrestrial TV dramas. However, since she has been on a very elite course, starring in her debut movie, she may not be satisfied with a small role offer. Like her father, Kimura, she may become a leading actor in the future,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Koki is on the way to becoming a star. Koki, who is on her way to becoming a star, is always under pressure from her parents, but will she be able to make her abilities known with a leading role?

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