The overwhelming aura of the “famous actor” Murotsuyoshi in the city at night | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming aura of the “famous actor” Murotsuyoshi in the city at night

Eyewitness! Harikomi24 <Tohokuzawa 18:20

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One stop away from Shimokitazawa, which is bustling until late at night, is the quiet residential area of Tohokuzawa (Setagaya Ward). The number of new cases of corona infection has been decreasing dramatically, and the town is starting to see a return of people. A man in black pants, blouson of the same color, cap and glasses. He was actor Muro Tsuyoshi (45).

Muro came out of the sushi restaurant and headed for the convenience store. On the way, he was constantly looking around and keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings.

Once inside the restaurant, Muro sat down at the counter. However, he seemed uncomfortable. I wondered if he was on a date with an actress ……, but three hours later, a man who looked younger than him came out with Muro. This magazine had previously witnessed him and Erika Toda having a good time on location, so he must have had a good drink that day.

In 2010, the movie “Kawapperi Mukoritta” starring Kenichi Matsuyama is scheduled to be released. It’s hard to keep up with Muro’s schedule since he’s in demand as a talented actor who can do both comedy and serious work,” said an entertainment industry insider.

What did they discuss over sushi about the future of their work?

The night of the famous biker’s dinner with his acquaintances

From the January 7-14, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Ichiro Takatsuka

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