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Go Ayano’s Tears in Avalanche: A Message Too Deep

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Go Ayano gave a great performance in the drama “Avalanche” in which he played the lead role. Expectations are high for his next work, but…

The October season of “Avalanche” (Fuji TV) left a big mark on the history of Japanese drama. The excitement of the show has not cooled down and remains in the hearts of the viewers as a fierce fire.

“Why don’t you believe in the power of justice again?

It all started with this line muttered by Go Ayano in the trailer.

In this world, there are evils that cannot be stopped by law and justice. This is what “Avalanche” is all about: exposing such “evil” and broadcasting it live to the world to expose it. That’s what “Avalanche” is all about.

I know that the fervor that will be generated at that time is fraught with danger. But there is no doubt that this message has shaken the hearts of those of us who have given up and felt helpless, thinking that nothing will change in this country.

The film was directed by Michihito Fujii, who also directed “Yakuza and the Family,” starring Go Ayano, and “The Newspaper Reporter. The film is a theatrical picaresque entertainment that depicts the activities of Avalanche, a mysterious group of outlaws to which the protagonist Seiichi Hanyu (Ayano) belongs.

Particularly in the second part starting from the 6th episode, they have a full-scale confrontation with Kengo Oyama (Atsuro Watabe), who is climbing up the ladder of power with the help of a fake terrorist incident that claimed many victims. In the final episode, Avalanche exposes everything and shatters Oyama’s ambition to create a Japanese version of the CIA. This development gave me goosebumps.

However, the highlight of this work is not only the final episode. But the highlight of this work is not only the final episode, but also the fifth episode “Episode 0: Dawn,” in which the secret story of the birth of Avalanche is revealed.

Hanyu, who quit his job as a policeman in order to atone for the deaths of his friends in a terrorist incident, starts working at a small factory in the midst of his disappointment. His daughter Akari (Kitakana), who works at the factory, cannot forgive her father and confronts him at every turn.

Akari (Kitakana), who works at the factory, does not forgive her father and confronts him at every opportunity. The person in charge gets upset and becomes violent in anger. However, Akari, who had hiddenly filmed the series of actions, collapses, wounded, but smiles and shows the video left on her cell phone to the hanyou.

I’m not going to give up on the factory. I won’t give up on the factory either. I’ll find a new business partner.”

“Justice will prevail, right?”

“Justice wins, right?” he appealed. Akari shows her unyielding fighting spirit.

“That’s amazing.

Hanyu is at a loss for words. Hanyu is speechless as he says, “That’s amazing.” Hot tears roll down his cheeks. Hanyu, who had lost his will to live, is moved by Akari and decides to fight again as Avalanche for “his own justice”. This scene was the turning point of the drama “Avalanche”.

It was the era of 2040. I want people to feel the pride and dignity of living and the hope that is natural to them.

I hope you can feel the hope, the pride and the dignity of life,” said Go Ayano. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was moved to tears by this scene.

The “handmade earrings” that Akari gave to Hanyu as a parting gift is his “symbol of justice. It was also a memorable scene that solved the mystery of the earrings that he had been wearing all the time.

However, this is not the first time that I have been captivated by the tears of Go Ayano as he expresses his emotions.

In the movie “Yakuza and the Family” released last year, in which he played the lead role alongside Hiroshi Tachi, Ayano was beaten up and bloodied by gangsters. Ayano is beaten up and bloodied by the gang and is rescued by his boss (Kan). And then there’s the scene where she says to her dying father, “My father is the only father I’ve ever had,” and tears up with tears in her eyes with an unsettling gentleness.

These two scenes were no less than the “tears of justice” in “Avalanche” and touched me deeply. Go Ayano, who plays a cool outlaw, suddenly bursts into tears. This gap may be the greatest appeal of actor Go Ayano.

(Production company director) Ayano had his heart set on this film, “Avalanche.

Ayano said, “The most important thing for us on the set is the power of enthusiasm,” and “There is tremendous enthusiasm on the set,” before going on to say, “The new form of work we are trying to create will permeate the entertainment industry three to five years from now. We are challenging the filming with a strong will that the new form of work we are creating will permeate the entertainment industry in three to five years’ time” (producer of a production company).

In this age of globalization in drama productions, with Netflix and other dramas being distributed worldwide becoming the mainstream, Japanese drama productions have no choice but to fight for survival. This is why new challenges are needed.

In “Avalanche,” the filmmakers were very particular about the shooting method. We shot the same scene from dozens of different angles in a series of shots, a technique that is almost as good as a movie. That’s why the shooting time is much longer than that of a regular drama.

Ayano says, “This gives me time to live the role, so I can come up with ideas for each scene and each cut.

Go Ayano and director Michito Fujii will team up three times in the Netflix series “Newspaper Reporter,” which will be released on January 13.

In this film, Ayano co-stars with Ryoko Yonekura and Ryusei Yokohama. His role is that of a young elite bureaucrat on the side of power. In order to play the role of a bureaucrat who is consumed by remorse and exhausted, Ayano did not eat or drink any water during the four days of filming on the set, giving an uncanny performance.

Director Fujii calls Ayano “an extremely stoic film athlete. What kind of world is the future of entertainment that he envisions? We can’t help but wonder.

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