Hiroyuki Miyasako: “Young people are leaving” is a bigger concern than the additional 30 million yen spent on Yakiniku restaurant | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako: “Young people are leaving” is a bigger concern than the additional 30 million yen spent on Yakiniku restaurant

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Hiroyuki Miyasako, the former “Ameagari Kessittai” member, has become a financial burden because he has not been able to open the Yakiniku restaurant he planned to open in October last year.

Former “Ameagari Kessittai” member Hiroyuki Miyasako has been receiving a lot of concern after it was revealed that he will have to spend an additional “20-30 million yen” to repair the interior of his barbecue restaurant “Gyu Miyagi” (Shibuya, Tokyo), which is scheduled to open in March.

The situation was a blow to his already difficult financial situation. However, in a YouTube video released on the 6th, Miyasako said, “I don’t want to compromise.

I don’t think I have enough money in my savings, so I’m going to make some money.

I’m going to sell my watch. I’m going to sell my watches,” she said, announcing that she was going to sell her hobby of collecting luxury watches and use the money to fund her plans.

As expected, the Internet was filled with concerns such as, “Are you okay? In fact, Miyasako’s watch collection is quite large. In fact, Miyasako’s watch collection is quite large. Last August, he posted on his channel

I’m going to show you Miyasako’s watch collection for the first time! Total 50 million yen.

In August last year, he released a video titled “Miyasako’s watch collection for the first time!

In the video, he shows German watch brand Junghans, Vacheron Constantin’s Historique American 1921, one of the world’s top three watch brands, and TAG Heuer’s Vogue 1921, which he bought for about 7 million yen. TAG Heuer V4, which he bought for about 7 million yen.

The best of all was the all-platinum AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, which Miyasako said was worth “more than 20 million yen. He also has a German luxury watch, A. LANGE & SOHNE’s Zeitwerk, which Hikaru gave to him.

I think we can raise 20 to 30 million yen by selling some of Mr. Miyasako’s collection. I’m sure they’ll each make a movie about the sale, and I’m sure it’ll create a buzz.

For whatever reason, Miyasako will be able to overcome this hardship. What we should be concerned about is the possibility that the number of views on the video will not be as high as expected, despite the fact that the content is called “Cow Miyagi Rebirth Document.

The most recent video that exceeded one million views was “On the Withdrawal of Miyagi Cow Palace” released on November 18. The rest of the videos related to Ushiromiyagi have been getting 200,000 to 400,000 views.

This is still good, but if you exclude the Miyagi Cow Palace videos, the situation is unpredictable. It’s a parade of single-digit views, and the momentum is clearly slowing down.

The reason for this is a combination of factors. The breakup of Ameagari Kessatsu-tai may have driven away fans, and the disappearance of the rating system may be a factor, but the biggest issue is the penetration of the SNS generation among young people. A reporter from a sports newspaper explained.

He said, “On the Internet news, Miyasako has a strong ‘pull’, but when you go to YouTube, the number of views is not so great. The generation that watches online news is mostly people in their 30s and 40s, and for them, Miyasako is not a YouTube user, but a comedian.

In contrast, the extremely popular YouTube group “COMDOT” has over 2 million views on their videos. The group is supported by young people in their teens and twenties. Mr. Miyako had a good start, but the young people gradually started to leave and have not come back since. How to gain support from young people will be a key point in the future.

In recent years, the shades of winners and losers have begun to emerge clearly in the world of YouTube. Can Miyasako succeed with Ushiromiyagi and turn his fortunes around as a YouTube star? This is where he will have to show his skills.

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