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Why Hezumaryu’s “hospitalization” is being compared to Mirai Asakura and Shibatar

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Mirai Asakura is now the face of “RIZIN”. In a fight project with amateurs, she was so strong that she caused some bashing…

The news that former annoying YouTube star Hezuma Ryu was seriously injured in a martial arts tournament is making waves.

On January 8, Hezuma faced off against Keisuke, the former champion of Outsider, at the “GigaFest”, a martial arts tournament for distributors. Before the match, Hesuma said

Before the match, Hezuma said, “Try to eat a Piyo Piyo punch. You can beat me up if you want!

But when the fight started, Hezuma took a high kick to the chin from Keinosuke and was TKO’d in just 7 seconds.

In August of last year, Hezuma was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, suspended for four years with probation, for theft and obstruction. He showed no signs of remorse, and in October of the same year, he ran for election as a substitute for the Yamaguchi constituency of the House of Councillors from the NHK Party (a party on trial with NHK for violating Article 72 of the Lawyers Act). In October of the same year, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the House of Councillors in Yamaguchi. In October of the same year, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the Upper House of the Yamaguchi constituency by-election as a member of the NHK Party (in violation of Article 72 of the Lawyers Act, a party lawsuit against NHK). Recently, he was having trouble making ends meet and was staying at the home of Yuta Misaki, a businessman known as the “Prince of Green Juice.

When Hezuma was sent to the hospital, there was a rush of reactions on the Internet as if he had avenged a grudge. Fortunately, Hezuma seems to have avoided a broken jaw, but according to a source

“There is a hole under his lower lip.

According to a source, “He has a hole under his lower lip.

On the other hand, some people called the matchmaking itself between an amateur and a professional fighter “reckless”. Although Hesuma has wrestling experience, he did not train for the Keinosuke fight, and entered the ring while leading a self-defeating life. According to a previous source

The difference in weight between him and Keinosuke is about 50 kilograms. He really thought he could win.

He really thought he could win. According to a fighting writer, “Hezuma saved his life.

Hezuma saved his life, but in martial arts, a 50-kilogram weight difference is crucial. It’s a match that would never have been made.

Mirai Asakura, a popular fighter who is the face of RIZIN, was cited here. There is no doubt that Asakura is one of the best fighters in Japan, but he was the subject of a controversial “10 million yen if you win a street fight against Mirai Asakura,” which was broadcast live on ABEMA last November. If you win a street fight against Mirai Asakura, you get 10 million yen.

Satoru Kubota, the “Aizu brawler” who fought in the first round, suffered a broken nose, and Yuki Goto, the younger brother of former Japanese pop star Maki Goto, followed with a painful swollen and bleeding face. After the match, Asakura apologized in his own video, saying, “It was not a good plan,” and “I’m very sorry. In the sense of “an aftertasteful fight against an opponent with too much of a difference in ability,” this fight was also overshadowed by that, although the content and level were different.

On the Internet.

“How dangerous a fight with an amateur is.
“Hezuma is annoying, but he shouldn’t play this kind of card.

Asakura is a professional. Asakura is a highly professional player, he would not make a similar attempt again.

In addition, the antithesis of Hezuma’s fight was another incident that occurred at “RIZIN.33” on New Year’s Eve last year. The fight was the antithesis of what happened at RIZIN.33 last year, when former K-1 champion Yuta Kubo and YouTube star Shifter were involved in an “eight-fold scandal.

The fight was supposed to end with Shibatar’s first round victory, but after the fight, it was discovered that the two had an agreement. A huge uproar ensued when the LINE communication between the two and even the audio recording was leaked.

On social networking sites, the match was compared in a disgraceful way, with comments such as “Hezuma’s match is real” and “Unlike some other groups, there was no script.

His opponent, Keinosuke, also updated his YouTube channel on the 10th.

“How was the unscripted match?

After the match, he and Hezuma had a good time. After the match, he and Hezuma exchanged phone calls.

After the match, he had a phone conversation with Hezuma and said, “I underestimated the martial arts. I’m glad you took it easy on me.

He thanked him. On the other hand, Hezuma also updated his Twitter page on the 9th.

I’m the invincible Hezmaikey, and from today I’m going to start living homeless again!

I’m going to start living homeless again! According to the source

According to a source, “He is shocked that he was killed in the first place, and is looking for an opportunity to take revenge.

He’s looking for a chance to get revenge. He is a man who will not let anything happen to him, even if he falls.

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