Shin-Ae Ahn’s birthday party is a hit with fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shin-Ae Ahn’s birthday party is a hit with fans!

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Ahn during her participation in the 2018 KLPGA (AFLO)

Korean professional golfer Shin-Ae Ahn, also known as the “sexy queen,” is getting a lot of attention for her “too cute and messy party photos” on her Instagram account. The photo was met with an outpouring of comments of praise, including “cute” and “too beautiful.

Anne posted a photo of herself in a restaurant. Anne was wearing a purple jacket and a white shirt. The vivid colors are very striking. On her head, she is wearing a silver hat in the shape of a cone. The hat also says “Happy Birthday” on it.

Yes, Ann celebrated her 31st birthday on December 18. She is wearing such a “silly” hat and is enjoying the situation by striking a pose and making a daring blue face.

In her series of birthday photo posts, she also took a couple of shots with a woman. This woman is Kim Haneul. She is a professional golfer from Korea like Ahn. Her birthday is also December 17th, one day apart from Ahn’s. This means that they both have their birthdays at the same time. In other words, they were celebrating each other’s birthday at the same time! They put their chins on top of their hands in a matching pose and put on their best smiles for the camera. By the way, Haneul is two years older than Ahn and is now 33 years old.

The fans couldn’t hide their surprise at this. They are the best duo! They are both too cute!” “A rare two-shot!” were some of the comments.

Since making her professional debut in 2008, Anne has been steadily making progress. I can’t wait for her to come to Japan and show off her cool golf game with Haneul! I’m sure many of her fans are hoping so. I can’t take my eyes off Ahn any more. ……!

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