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Why Emiko Kaminuma is so successful on YouTube, even as a newcomer

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Emiko Kaminuma, the “Empress of Kansai,” has been on YouTube since late last year. The number of views is going strong.

TV personality Emiko Kaminuma’s YouTube channel, which she started in December of last year, seems to be doing well. Currently, she has posted two videos, the first with 730,000 views and the second with 430,000 views (both as of January 3).

The first one is about the M-1 Grand Prix and the second one is about the Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Contest). “Manzai” style. The staff was around and laughter could be heard.

The film crew seems to have been introduced by Tetsuji of Shampoo Hat, whom Uenuma trusts the most.

The first time, I showed them a picture of my husband, but I couldn’t get a close enough shot.

The first time, they showed a picture of her husband, but it wasn’t taken close enough. The second time, they took a separate picture of the insert and showed a close-up of the picture, so they might have had a review meeting with Mr. Kaminuma and others to discuss improvements.

However, it was basically like a solo talk show by Kaminuma. From the fans’ point of view, it seems to be very worth watching. In the comment section of the video

“I’m too happy to be able to listen to Mr. Kaminuma’s talk slowly.
It’s fun because he talks in a way that even the generation that doesn’t know him can understand!

It’s fun to listen to him talk in a way that even the generation that doesn’t know him can understand…” It seems that the fans are happy to be able to listen to Kaminuma’s talk slowly, unlike on TV.

Speaking of Uenuma, it was announced that “Emiko Kaminuma’s Chaberi Cooking” (TV Asahi), which has been running since 1995, will end at the end of March 2010. As for regular terrestrial programs, “Kaminuma Takada no Kugizuke! (Yomiuri TV) and “Emiko Kaminuma no Kokoro Haruten” (ABC Radio).

The majority of Mr. Kaminuma’s fans are elderly women. TV stations want to attract viewers in their 50s or younger for advertising purposes, so they are trying to change the generation.

I’ve heard that they are definitely trying to end “Kugizuke” when the time is right. However, they are trying to find a candidate for the next program with a special program to see how it goes, but it seems that they are having trouble finding a program that will get the ratings they want.

(TV station insiders) In such a situation, Kaminuma has made a hit on YouTube, which seems to have few elderly viewers. In such a situation, Uenuma has become a hit on YouTube, where few elderly people are likely to be watching. She has clearly shown her ability as the “Empress of Kansai.

In the video, she says that when she was worried about being offered the job of hosting the Kohaku Uta Gassen in the past, she asked her husband for advice and he said, “What are you going to do about the black beans for New Year’s? When I asked my husband about it, he said, “What about the black beans for New Year’s? The first time I hosted Kohaku, I was bullied by a female singer, but when I hosted again the following year, the singer’s attitude changed as if she had turned her back on me.

Although the content of the show is about the past, I feel that the show has been able to attract the younger generation. Since Mr. Kaminuma is a big name, his TV shows have been mainly in the studio, but it would be very innovative if he could go out of his house and go on location in the future.

Also, if he collaborates with guests, I think the number of views will increase again. The days of TV alone are over, so the fact that she was able to take on the challenge of YouTube at her age is a big deal.

The entertainment industry is changing from an era of accepting offers to work to a style of working on one’s own and sending out messages via SNS and the Internet. The entertainment industry is changing from an era where people take offers to work to a style where people work on their own to communicate on SNS and the Internet.

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