Shizuka Kudo’s “Kimura Family’s Best Osechi” is sure to delight fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shizuka Kudo’s “Kimura Family’s Best Osechi” is sure to delight fans…!

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New Year’s Day is a time when the whole country is in a peaceful mood. In the midst of all this, the Kimura family’s New Year’s festivities are attracting attention as being too luxurious.

“We had a lively dinner on New Year’s Eve, too.

On December 31, 2021, singer Shizuka Kudo wrote on her SNS account, “We had a lively dinner on New Year’s Eve.

The contents are ……: shrimp, crab, temarizushi, roast beef, kazunoko, salmon roe, kombu maki, chestnut kinto, and many other luxurious ingredients! He also made a strawberry and blueberry tart cake.

In fact, Kudo has often posted her homemade dishes on social media in addition to Obushi. Her repertoire ranges from a very authentic carpaccio to home-style pickled cucumbers, and she once showed off a homemade “super nutritious meal” made with six kinds of beans, black rice, barley max, seafood, and tomatoes. This is enough to make any fan’s stomach growl!

Kudo, however, has been making her fans smile when she reveals on social media that her two beloved daughters help her cook. In her post about the festive season, she wrote

My second daughter helped me with all the serving! My eldest daughter wiped the table for me.

Incidentally, Koki, the second daughter of the eldest, seems to have gone shopping as well, writing on the 30th, “Today I went shopping with my mother for the ingredients for the New Year’s Festival! I’m looking forward to making Obushi.

I’m looking forward to making it.

I’m looking forward to making O-Bushi. I hope you all have a happy new year.”

Koki and her eldest daughter, Cocomi, had a breakthrough year in 2021. Kudo’s efforts to support them with food must have been behind their success. I’m sure there are many fans who would like to see the Kimura family continue to be such good friends. I can’t take my eyes off the overly strong Kimura family. ……!

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