Shifter and Yuta Kubo’s “eighty-fold scandal” puts a damper on Tenshin Nasukawa vs. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shifter and Yuta Kubo’s “eighty-fold scandal” puts a damper on Tenshin Nasukawa vs.

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In June, Tenshin Nasukawa will take on Takeru in what has been called “the fight of the century”. A situation that casts a dark shadow over that fight…

The fight between Shiver and Yuta Kubo at last year’s RIZIN.33 mixed martial arts event, held on New Year’s Eve, has caused quite a stir in the martial arts world.

Shifter is an “annoying” YouTuber with experience in mixed martial arts, and he fought at the RIZIN event the year before last. He won a gold star from former K-1 fighter Hiroya at the RIZIN tournament the year before last. KUBO Kubo, on the other hand, is the first K-1 World GP welterweight champion. GP welterweight champion.

For RIZIN, this card is aimed at people who don’t usually watch martial arts. For RIZIN, the card was aimed at people who don’t usually watch martial arts, so it was like a festival, and in terms of importance, it wasn’t that high. But to think that it would cause a terrible ‘incident’…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

The “incident” is the “eight-figure scandal” that has been causing quite a stir.

In the same match, Shifter overturned the odds and defeated Kubo with an armbar hold. In contrast to Shiver’s frenzied dancing, Kubo’s downcast eyes were impressive.

The match then took a bizarre turn. A source of Kubo’s released a LINE between Shifter and Kubo (which was later deleted). In it, Shifter proposed that they not go for the first round, but start the second round with a serious fight, and Kubo accepted the proposal. Shifter has claimed on his YouTube channel that the line was “fake,” but judging from the graphic exchange, his claim is dubious.

In the early hours of the 4th, Kubo updated his YouTube channel.

I’m really sorry for the turmoil that has been caused by the allegations that RIZIN’s Omisoka was faked.

After apologizing, he said.

I have been working as a professional fighter for 17 years with the intention of defeating my opponent 100% or 120%, as a matter of course. I know this is a shameful story, but through Shiver’s diversionary tactics…through social media and direct phone calls, I was not able to give myself 100%, and I went into the ring. I think it’s because I didn’t give myself 100% until I got in the ring.

He confessed that the reason why he agreed to Shifter’s proposal was because he wanted to make the match with Shifter, who he had smelled before the fight that he would abstain, and that if he refused the proposal, the match would be cancelled.

I fell for Shifter’s diversionary tactics. I was caught up in Shifter’s diversionary tactics, and I firmly accept that this was the reason why I lost the match.

He squeezed out his words.

Since the event has caused such a commotion, RIZIN, the organizer of the event, can’t just say “I don’t know anything about it. Because the fight of the century between Tenshin Nasukawa and Takeru Takeru is scheduled to take place in June this year. RIZIN took the lead, and when the match-up was decided, it caused a huge stir beyond the boundaries of martial arts.

It’s going to be one of the biggest fights in the last 10 years, without a doubt. But the purity of the fight was clouded because of the “eight-figure scandal” between Shiver and Kubo. On the Internet, some people began to say, “There must be a book (script) anyway.

Most of the fans don’t think so, but the fact that such comments are being made is in itself a negative, and RIZIN should not sit back and let this happen.

In the aforementioned video, Kubo emphasizes that “this had nothing to do with RIZIN, but was between myself and Shifter-san. However, it can’t be denied that there should have been a restriction against interacting with the opponent at the time of the contract.

There are a lot of adults involved in a show as big as Nasukawa and Takeru’s, and they are all in perfect balance. On the flip side, the slightest thing can cause a rift that can change the course of events. It would be nice if the allegations of “eight hundred and twenty-four” didn’t turn out to be a bad thing…” (Formerly, a reporter for a sports paper)

At the beginning of the new year, RIZIN is expected to take a firm stand.

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