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Ex-gladol “Cosacana” Kosaka Yuka reports marriage to “Sword Dance” actor!

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Cosacana (left) and Ms. Tochihara were united after more than 10 years

Early in the New Year, a shocking news came in. Miss Magazine 2004 Grand Prix winner, Akina Minami (32), known as “Akina”, and Rina Akiyama (36), known as “Osirina”. She was also active as an idol in the unit “Peachy’s” with Akina Minami (32) and Rina Akiyama (36).

When this magazine, which has not had much to do with her in the way of gravure and scandal, immediately requested an interview, Kosakana showed up at the interview location in Ikebukuro accompanied by a handsome man.

After retiring from the entertainment industry, Kosakana gained a lot of weight and was temporarily called a “disturbing glamor girl. After that, she regained her shape again and became a nursery school owner, leading a tumultuous life. His name is Tochihara Rakuto (32) and he is an actor active in “Masked Rider Kyouki” and “Sword Dance”.

Who approached him? I thought it was the bold and dynamic Cosacana, but Tochihara denied it with a smile saying, “It’s quite the opposite.

They were together when they met. On the set of “School Stairs”.

I met Yuka when I was 16 and she was 21. I was 16 and she was 21 when we met. We were alone in a classroom on location during the filming of a movie called “School Stairs. She recommended a novel by Otsuichi, which was popular at the time, and we talked about trivial things like “I did this job the other day. By the way, Yuka-san doesn’t remember anything about it (laughs)” (Tochihara)

After the crank up, the actors exchanged their contact information. After that, Tochihara spent his days at the mercy of Cosacana. He says, “He has a seductive attitude. Cosacana looks back.

She recalls, “There were two times when I called him suddenly and said, ‘I want to go to Sakuragicho, do you want to go? There were a couple of times when I called him up like that. But that’s just the way I usually am. I have no romantic feelings for her. I played with my other friends in the same way. If you ask me, I might have been a bit of a tease…” (Kosaka)

As he was being pushed around by the innocent Cosacana with a smile on his face saying “Hey, hold my bag”, Tochihara suddenly had a question. Why am I not bothered at all? If another woman did the same thing to me, I’m sure my heart would be shuttered ……”.

I realized that I liked Yuka, so I asked her straight out, ‘What do you think of me? I asked her straight out. I asked her straight out, “How do you feel about me? He answered immediately. I was so frustrated that I talked to my friends and seniors about it. I told them, “Darts are good. You should practice darts and get good at it. You should practice darts and get good at it. When you teach darts, you can naturally hug her shoulders and get into a nice mood. Thinking about it now, I think it was a childish idea, but at the time I jumped at the chance. I was grasping at straws.

However, Yuka was so engrossed in her darts practice that it didn’t set a nice mood at all (laughs). (laughs) No matter how many times I seriously confessed my feelings to her, she always refused, saying she couldn’t handle my feelings, so I said, “Why don’t you try going out with me on a lighter note? I tried to appeal to her in every way I could but she didn’t turn me on at all.

Even during the shooting, they were just in love!

Cosacana laughed and said , “At that time (Tochihara) Rakuto looked like a child with puffy cheeks. Not long after that, she was mentally trapped and retired from the entertainment industry. As mentioned above, she “ran wild” as a “noisy glamour girl” and then became a nursery school owner. She changed her cell phone number to cut off all ties with the entertainment industry. After losing his means of communication, Tochihara married an ordinary woman. It looked as if their lives would never intersect again.

When Yuka was in trouble, I was always concerned about her movements. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t get through on the phone, so I could only check on her online. More than 10 years later, when I divorced my wife and started living alone in a 1K apartment, I was thinking a lot about my future and how to live, and I suddenly followed Yuka’s twitter. I followed you on Twitter. I followed her on Twitter, and she immediately followed me back. I was in the changing room, and I got excited and said, “Oh! I was in the changing room and I was so excited that I sent her a DM while I was half naked.

Tochihara herself wrote about her recent situation such as her retirement from the entertainment industry, her marriage and divorce and ended with “I’m supporting you”.

She ended with “I’m rooting for you.” “It was quite a long message, but I said, ‘Long time no see! You’ve been through a lot. You’ve been through a lot. Let’s meet up,” I replied shortly (laughs), and we exchanged phone numbers. I think we talked for about two hours from there. At the end of the conversation, Rakuto said, “Yuka, I want to go on a date with you. At the end of the conversation, Rakujin said, “Yuka-san, please take me out on a date.

It was the winter of 2020. Twelve years had passed since Tochihara was last rejected. The meeting place for the long awaited date was at Ikebukuro East Exit. Tochihara was standing by more than 30 minutes before the date.

He said, “I don’t know if he will really come or if he comes, he might leave without waiting. I was really determined not to miss this chance. But my …… fears were unfounded. The moment Yuka came to the east exit, I knew immediately. She was the only one who looked radiant in the crowd. It was a shock like being struck by lightning” (Tochihara)

From there they had several meals and started dating in the spring of 2021. The only thing that was on Tochihara’s mind was marriage but even though she told him about her love with her best surprises and long letters, Cosacana only said “Soong” and did not shake her head.

I could tell that he was serious. I could tell he was serious, so I replied in earnest. I could tell he was serious, so I replied in earnest, “You can’t get married on your current income. It’s not that I want a large annual income. Through my childcare business, I understand the minimum amount of money that I want to spend on my children. I want to continue working after I get married. That’s why I want to marry someone I feel has a good future. I want to get what I want without compromising on work or child rearing. I want someone who I can grow with,” he said, taking out his phone and calling his father. Rakuto’s father runs a company, and he had been asking me if I wanted to take over the business. He was wondering if he should take over the company. He told me right in front of me, ‘I’ll take over the company.

The couple is said to be entering the marriage ceremony on January 11, which is said to be the best day to start something new.

I’m having a lot of fun right now. I’ll make her 10 times happier than other people!” (Tochihara)

I thought I should lead Rakuto who will become a manager, but the way he treats people, his consideration and care, and his determination are all beyond my imagination. He has become a fine adult man (laughs). I think I will support him from now on in the rear. I look forward to working with you!” (Kosaka)

All’s well that ends well!

After the interview, we went straight to the date
  • Photographed by Itakura Etsu

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