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Nanako Matsushima to appear in a possible sequel to “Housekeeper’s Mita

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Matsushima buys foodstuffs in Tokyo and heads for the pickup truck. photo taken in September 2009.

September 2009 In 2010, the television industry is going to be stained with the color of Matsushima.

Actress Nanako Matsushima ( 48 It is said that actress Nanako Matsushima (48) has recently shown a sudden interest in a sequel to the legendary drama “Mita, the Housekeeper” (NTV, hereafter referred to as “Mita”).

A presentation on the project was made by the production team of NTV at her office, and Matsushima herself appeared at the event. Matsushima is an actress who is known to attend any presentation that she is interested in and then decide to appear in the film,” said a production company insider.

(Production company insider) At present, Nippon Television Network Corporation is preparing for the time when the talks are finalized. 22 July July 2010 or October At present, Nittele is said to be considering the Wednesday drama slots for July or October 2010, assuming the talks are finalized.

If scheduling and other issues arise, they will probably consider special dramas or movies. The sequel to “Mita” is a long-cherished wish of Nittele. They want to broadcast it in any form they can.” (NTV insider)

(Nittele’s insistence on a sequel to “Mita”) 11 years year October 2011 (NTV insider) “Mita”, which NTV is so insistent on, was aired in October 2011 in the Wednesday drama slot and had an average viewer rating of25.2 The average viewership rate was 2.6%, and the final episode had an average viewership rate of The average viewership was 2 The average viewership was 2%, and the final episode recorded 40%. The main character’s lines such as “I understand” and “Is that a business order? The main character’s lines such as “Yes, sir” and “Is that a business order?” became buzzwords at the time and created a social phenomenon.

Highest viewer rating 40 The highest viewer rating of 40.6% in the history of NTV dramas was recorded in “Hotaka Jidai” (The Age of Enthusiasm). March 1979 The highest viewer rating of 40% was recorded in NTV’s drama history in “Hotaka Jidai” (March 1979), “Taiyo ni Hoero! (March 1979) and (July 1979). (July 1979). (July 1979). For Nittele, which is said to be a “drama developing station,” this is a milestone in drama that it can be proud of.

Since the drama aired More than 11 years have passed since the drama aired. More than 11 years have passed since the drama aired. …… (Programming staff) The Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) side has repeatedly thrown out offers for a sequel. However, until then, Matsushima had never willingly agreed to appear in the show.

It is said that she did not want the image of the main character Mita’s strong character to take root.

Surprisingly, Matsushima has never appeared in a drama for Nippon Television Network Corporation since “Mita.

This The last 11 years. Looking back over the past 11 years, it was Fuji TV that took the lead in Matsushima’s drama appearances. The only others were TV Asahi and TBS. Fuji’s “Emergency Ward 24 She appeared in Fuji’s “Emergency Ward 24 Hours” series in succession. I guess they have the impression that “Mita” is on Nittele,” said a Nittele insider.

If they have started to think positively about it, what is the reason?

The first reason that comes to mind is that her child-rearing career has come to an end. The first reason I can think of is that she has finished raising her children, her oldest daughter is in high school studying ballet in London and her second daughter is in junior high school.

In fact 21 years Year October (Entertainment industry insider). He has also appeared in commercials for Suntory’s “Perfect Suntory Beer,” Taisho Pharmaceutical’s “Pabron,” SECOM’s “Home Security,” and food delivery service “Uber Eats. She has also appeared in commercials such as “Uber Eats”. Recently, her exposure has been increasing rapidly. Her husband, Takashi Sorimachi (48), has also had an impact. 48 (48).

“Sorimachi is… The year 2010 “Sorimachi has publicly stated that 2010 will be the first year for Matsushima to resume acting. Matsushima’s decision to play a supporting role in “SUPER The reason why Matsushima was so lax in playing a supporting role in “SUPER RICH” was so that she could take over for Sorimachi, who was appearing in the TV drama “Partners” (Telecho), in raising children and doing housework.

More than anyone else, it is her husband, Sorimachi, who appreciates and supports Matsushima’s talent as an actress. Now he has decided that he will be the one to support Matsushima as an actress for a while. That’s why she dropped out of “Partners,” a show she had put so much effort into.

Mita-san and Matsushima are the same 48 years old. Mita and Matsushima are both 48 years old. Both Mita and Matsushima are set to be 48 years old, and I would love to see how they have evolved together in Reiwa’s version of “Mita the Housekeeper.

  • Photography Yuri Adachi

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