Mass murder at nursing home: 36-year-old woman’s “shocking troubles committed before the incident” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mass murder at nursing home: 36-year-old woman’s “shocking troubles committed before the incident”

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The suspect, Akama, was sentenced on December 10, 2009. He is suspected of mass murder.

“Her condition has suddenly changed.

The woman suspected of the murder herself was the one who informed her colleagues of the elderly woman’s sudden change.

On January 3, it was discovered that Emi Akama (36), a former employee of the facility who allegedly had a hand in the sudden death of Kisaku Suzuki (84 at the time), was the first to inform those around her of the sudden change in his condition. It turned out that Emi Akama, 36, a former employee of the facility, was the first to inform others of the sudden change in her condition.

It was in May 2008 that Mr. Suzuki passed away. The suspect used a syringe to inject air into the IV tube in Mr. Suzuki’s right arm. Mr. Akama is suspected of killing Mr. Suzuki by injecting air into the IV tube in his right arm using a syringe (injection tube) to prevent the circulation of blood. Mr. Suzuki entered the hospital in March 2008. Although he needed nursing care, he was not bedridden and his condition was not in a state of sudden change.

Mr. Suzuki was initially ruled to have died of illness and no judicial autopsy was performed. However, there were many suspicious things about Akama’s behavior, and the Ibaraki Prefectural Police were conducting a careful investigation. The suspect Akama was not a nurse, but a care worker, and was not in a position to handle intravenous drips and syringes. Furthermore, he was seen entering Ms. Suzuki’s room alone.

When the prefectural police examined the computed tomography (CT) images at the hospital where he was taken, they confirmed that there were traces of air entering his body.

What are you doing?

In July 2008, another resident, Setsuji Yoshida, then 76, was killed in a similar manner.

Mr. Yoshida was sleeping in a bed in a room for four people. Mr. Akama is suspected of injecting a large amount of air into Mr. Yoshida’s veins using an empty syringe from an intravenous drip tube attached to his leg. When a colleague who witnessed the strange behavior asked him, “What are you doing? He became sluggish and went home before the end of the workday, and resigned voluntarily.

The “Keyaki-no-sha” asked Akama for an explanation, but he could not give a satisfactory answer, so they consulted the police. The staff and the hospital where Mr. Yoshida was taken were interviewed and investigated, leading to his arrest. Mr. Akama had been working at the “Keyaki-no-sha” since April 2008, but Mr. Suzuki and Ms. Yoshida were not the only ones who died suddenly. There were other people who died suspiciously, and they are suspected of mass murder.

Akama was arrested on December 8, 2009 for the murder of Yoshida. He was arrested on December 8, 2009 for the murder of Ms. Yoshida, and was arrested again on December 29 of the same year for the murder of Mr. Suzuki. The reputation of the people around him was not bad.

After graduating from a high school with a nursing department in Ibaraki Prefecture, Akama worked at hospitals in Tochigi and Saitama Prefectures. I heard that she used to wake up early to make lunch boxes for her husband, whom she married in November 2008.

On the other hand, there was another side to her. (Another reporter from a national newspaper) On the other hand, there was another side to her, and she had been involved in several troubles before the incident.

In the beginning, she was living with her husband’s parents. However, there were frequent problems such as the disappearance of cash from her parents’ wallets. The family relationship deteriorated and she separated from her parents about six months after the marriage.

In November 2009, he was arrested in another case. He shoplifted 12 items, including beef, worth about 5,000 yen at a supermarket. He was caught red-handed and prosecuted. His obsession with money seems to have been quite strong.

Akama’s motive for the crime is still unknown. There were no special problems between Mr. Akama and Ms. Suzuki or Mr. Yoshida. The prefectural police have yet to confirm or deny Akama’s identity, saying that it will be a matter of further investigation.

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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