Yoko Kumada’s New Year’s greeting as a Ginza mama excites her fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yoko Kumada’s New Year’s greeting as a Ginza mama excites her fans!

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Kumada when she attended a fashion event in 2013 (AFLO)

Model Yoko Kumada’s New Year’s greeting posted as a “Ginza mama” is a hot topic.

Speaking of Kumada, in June 2021, she caused a stir among her fans when she experienced serving customers as a mama at a club in Ginza. As a project for her YouTube channel, “Yoko Kumada – Becoming the strongest in your history at 40,” she appeared at Nanae in Ginza in a noble black and white kimono. She wore her hair and makeup as if she were a Ginza mama, and enjoyed talking with men while actually making water.

Her positive attitude was just off the charts, and her appearance shocked her fans!

Nanae’s Nanae Mama praised Kumada’s customer service, saying, “98 points (out of 100). It’s not like it’s her first time, she’s probably done it a little somewhere before. Kumada also praised the service. Kumada also said, “I had a lot of fun drinking and talking with them. I’d like to work here without telling anyone (laughs),” she said, seemingly unconcerned.

At the time, the Internet was abuzz with Kumada’s overly natural “Ginza mama” behavior.

As the year drew to a close, it was New Year’s Day 2022. Kumada landed in Ginza again. Kumada in her light blue kimono was a hot topic of conversation on SNS, as Kumada looked so excited at the Ginza crossing. Could it be that the legendary project is coming back! I’m sure there were many fans who were hoping so.

Kumada then gave a New Year’s greeting in the middle of Ginza.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you all. I look forward to working with you again this year.

A very simple and beautiful greeting!

Kumada’s aforementioned YouTube channel is doing very well. Her YouTube channel is doing very well, with a series of videos such as “How to wear underwear” and “Underwear reviews” that keep her fans glued to her. You can also see Kumada trying her hand at pole dancing in a sexy way. The secret to the channel’s popularity is the fact that she always shows off her beautiful body, which makes it hard to believe that she has had three children.

Kumada is expanding her activities as the most powerful woman in Japan. We can’t take our eyes off her more and more. ……!

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