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ASKA unexpectedly moved by train! Beyond trouble, “live with an audience

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Shouting without a hint of age

On January 7, the singer ASKA (63) performed at the Fuchu no Mori Art Theater on the first day of his nationwide tour “ASKA premium concert tour-higher ground-encore performance.

On the day of the concert, he and his staff drove to Fuchu, but the road they were planning to take was unexpectedly blocked due to the remaining snow. He said, “I was in Shinjuku when I had to be at the venue.

I was in Shinjuku at the time I needed to get to the venue,” she said. “One of my stylists was driving, and he’s the one who often gets hit (laughs). I was wondering if we’d get there yet, when I found myself still in the Shinjuku area, with blocked off in various places. Normally you would give up, right? But I’m still looking for a way. It’s like, “Shut down the ASKA Encore Tour” (laughs).

(Laughs)” We hurriedly switched to train transportation and safely arrived at the venue, but here another big problem surfaced.

Can we find the parking lot where we parked our car? No one could remember where they parked. I don’t know what time I’ll get home tonight.

Despite these fears, the band and strings began their first live performance with an audience in about two years. The audience clapped their hands and cheered for the band as a precaution against infection from the corona scare.

The atmosphere was solemn.

Good evening, everyone. Oh, I can’t talk. I didn’t think the audience would be so quiet (laughs),” said ASKA, but the audience, who couldn’t speak, got involved and the voltage rose quickly, enveloping the venue in a strange kind of heat.

ASKA’s uniquely beautiful voice and light and unique movements were still intact. ……, but she seemed to have gotten even younger as she went through to the end. The fans were moved to tears by her impressive performance of 22 songs, including old classics such as “Hajimari wa Tsutsumari Ame”, her latest song “Laughing As You Walk Along”, and “PRIDE”, a re-recording of the famous song she released in 1989.

In the middle of the concert, the drummer Kozo Suganuma, who had supported ASKA for many years, passed away in November 2009 at the age of 62.

He said, “The member who supported me passed away suddenly. He just moved on. We’ll be there. I went to the wake and the farewell ceremony, so I told him, ‘Come and get me when it’s my time. Today, (Mr. Suganuma’s daughter) Satoko is playing the drums for me.

The scene where his eyes moistened for a moment also brought tears to his fans’ eyes.

Immediately after the performance, ASKA wrote on her blog

It was great. It was the best. I could feel the heat of the audience.

I could feel the heat of the audience.” He seemed to be unable to contain his excitement.

ASKA, at full throttle, will be performing 12 shows across Japan starting from this day until April.

  • photo Hideyuki Arai

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