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Yumi Okada emerges as a candidate for the heroine of the morning drama “Come Come Everyday”.

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Yumi Okada gives a great performance in the morning drama “Come Come Everyday”. She has been nominated as a candidate for the next heroine.

Come Come Everyday” is the first NHK drama series in which the heroine is portrayed in three different generations. The heroine has been handed over from Yasuko (Mone Kamishiraishi) to her daughter Rui (Eri Fukatsu), and Fukatsu’s performance is attracting attention.

Morning dramas are said to be the gateway to success for young actresses, and of course the actress who plays the heroine, but often the actress who leaves a deep impression in a supporting role goes on to achieve remarkable success. In recent years, many actresses have been selected to play the heroines of morning dramas.

In the past, there was a jinx that if you played a supporting role, you would not be able to play a leading role, and Hari, who played the heroine in “Asa ga Kurita,” kept refusing to play supporting roles even though she won them in auditions. However, it seems that such a jinx has recently disappeared.

In addition to Yuna Kuroshima (“Massan,” “Scarlet,” and then “Chimu Odori”), who will be the heroine of the next movie, there are also Rina Kawase (“To Sichan,” and then “Come Come Everyday”), Kaya Kiyohara (“Asa ga Kurita,” “Natsuzora,” and then “Welcome Back Monet”), Hana Sugisaki (“To Sichan,” and then “Ochoyan”), Erika Toda (“Audrey,” and then “Scarlet”), and Kariya Koyama (“The Last Airbender” and then “The Last Airbender”). Audrey” → “Scarlet”), Sakura Ando (“Ohisama” → “Manpuku”).

Kasumi Arimura (“Ama-chan” → “Hiyoko”), Kyoko Yoshine (“Hanako to Anne” → “Beppin-san”), Mitsuki Takahata (“Gochisou-san” → “Totoichan”), Tao Tsuchiya (“Ohisama”, “Hanako to Anne” → “Maru”), Machiko Ono (“Imo Tako Nankin” → “Carnation”), and Naomi Fujiyama. Naomi Fujiyama played supporting roles in five films before becoming the heroine (“My Heart is Always Ramune Color,” “Jun-chan no Ouenka,” “Onna wa Dokyo,” “Futarikko,” “Audrey,” and then “Imotako Nankin”).

Although “Come Come Everyday” is not even in its middle stage yet, it has already given birth to the next “heroine candidate”. She is Yumi Okada, who played the role of Yukie, a maid serving the Kijima family in the Yasuko version.

Okada, who played Yukie, was so in love with the main character Yasuko’s brother-in-law, Isamu, that she exploded with emotions, hurling harsh words at Yasuko, while her cheeks turned red when Yasuko’s brother, Santa, presented her with a flower. Although she didn’t have many lines, viewers were attracted to the mysterious atmosphere of “Yukii”, and the Internet was full of positive comments about Okada.

She is the daughter of Keisuke Okada of the comedy duo Masuda Okada, and is a so-called second-generation celebrity. She has a long career in the entertainment industry, debuting as a junior model at the age of one, and has been active as a model ever since. Five years ago, at the age of 16, she was chosen to be the MC for the talk show “Dare da Haran Bakusho” (NTV).

Five years ago, at the age of 16, she was chosen to be the MC of the talk show “Dare da Haran Bakusho” (NTV). “She was seen as a talent who was good at variety shows, performing her father’s gags, but I heard she didn’t like it. She had already made her acting debut, but after she moved to a new agency, her acting career became more active. She had always said that it was her dream to become an actress,” said a producer of a key station.

Then, she got a part in a morning drama. She actually auditioned for the role of the heroine, and although she didn’t achieve her goal, it was definitely a step closer. Although she didn’t achieve her goal, she is definitely one step closer.

Five years ago, I asked Okada.

“Why don’t you quit? The entertainment industry. Quit!”

Five years ago, there was a big name who urged Okada to “retire. It was Emiko Kaminuma.

In 2004, Okada appeared as a guest on “Kaiketsu Emichannel” (Kansai TV), where Kaminuma is the MC. He suddenly said to Okada, who was sitting on the dais, “I don’t like you.

The reason for this is as follows. The show has been aired nearly 900 times, and about 200 “so-called” celebrities like Okada have appeared as guests, but they have all disappeared from the entertainment industry. And then.

When I sit on the stage and look at the guests, I can usually tell which way they are going. (Yumi) is not a person who will become a product. You should go on a different path.

She said firmly.

In November last year, Okada appeared on a radio program and said that she was still traumatized by the incident and that she still did not understand why she was advised to retire. However, a producer of a key station in Osaka who was watching the program at the time said, “It was Mr. Uenuma’s parental love.

It was Mr. Kaminuma’s parental love. She’s a very pure girl, and he probably felt that she shouldn’t be in the sludge of the entertainment industry. In fact, that’s what he said on the show.

If you read deeper, he may have been testing how strong Okada-san’s will was to work in the entertainment industry. I’m sure Uenuma-san is probably saying right now, “I was right in my eyes.

(laughs)” Okada has blossomed as an actress by following through with her decision. I think we can forget about that day.

Kyoko Yoshine and Mitsuki Takahata have the record for the shortest time between a supporting role and a heroine in a morning drama: two years. Will Okada be able to match them or break the record? I can’t take my eyes off her.

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