Tsubasa Honda and an intern, Haruna Kawaguchi and Yachi… 21 years of “shocking hot love scoops”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsubasa Honda and an intern, Haruna Kawaguchi and Yachi… 21 years of “shocking hot love scoops”!

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In the midst of all the gloomy news, it’s the hot love news of the big names that always brightens up Japan, and we bring you the “love moments of those refreshingly popular people” that Friday witnessed in 2009!

Tsubasa Honda (29) Handsome resident doctor

Tsubasa Honda is an ultra-independent gamer. She met her boyfriend through online games and they started dating.

It was late May when we caught up with a handsome younger resident doctor who frequents the apartment of Tsubasa Honda (29), a very popular actress.

He is a high-spec man whose parents run a company and he himself speaks English and Chinese. They met around the fall of ’19 through Honda’s hobby of online gaming.’ (A friend of the resident doctor)

It’s quite a dream come true to fall in love with a busser through a game.

A resident doctor who goes to Honda’s apartment. She also cooks for Honda, who is very busy.

Harumi Miyako (73) ♡ Shigeru Yazaki (74) March 26-April 2 issue

The two sit on a bench near a hotel in Tohoku and look up at the clouds of hornets together. They were quietly making love at the Inn of the North.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Harumi Miyako (73)?

Actor Shigeru Yazaki (74) looked a little surprised when FRIDAY interviewed him directly. It was in February that we caught up with the couple living in a hotel in Tohoku. The two, who are on good terms like a long-time married couple, were living a peaceful life at the “Hotel in the North”, spending peaceful time at a yakiniku restaurant and a bench at the train station. Miyako, who has been on a break from singing, now seems to be living a happy life with the person she fell in love with.

Haruna Kawaguchi (26) ♡ Yusuke Yaji (31) May 21, 2011

The two of them wandered around the shopping district with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and their dog in the other. On their way home, they bought a cake.

The shopping street is bustling with shoppers in the late afternoon. Actress Haruna Kawaguchi (26) and martial artist Yusuke Yaji (31) were strolling the streets with take-out coffee in hand. Yachi is holding the leash of Kawaguchi’s dog, Amu. Since the discovery of their relationship in the fall of 2007, Kawaguchi’s public and private life have been going well, with her being cast in NHK’s historical drama “Kirin ga Kururu” and starring in “There’s a Reason for the Love I’m Wearing” (TBS) in the spring of 2009. They’ve already introduced each other to their parents, so they’re close to the finish line!

Sanshiro Hironobu Komiya (38) ♡ Beautiful woman who looks like Ami Inamura May 7-14

The two met through a mutual friend. They live close to each other and she sometimes comes to Komiya’s house by bicycle.

It was in early April that we broke the story of the semi-cohabitation of Hironobu Komiya (38) of the comedy duo Sanshiro and a beautiful woman. Komiya was shopping at a convenience store with a beautiful woman who looked like Ami Inamura. They bought sweets and ice cream and headed for Komiya’s home. The woman wrapped her hands around Komiya’s waist, hugged him and seemed to be crazy about him. Later, in an appearance on “Ametalk! (TV Asahi), where he talked about how she makes him snacks to drink. (TV Asahi), where he said he was cooking for her.

From the January 7-14, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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