Nozomi Sasaki “even showed the bride scene” in her new drama! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki “even showed the bride scene” in her new drama!

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I’m sure she’ll try her hand at many more dramas and films this year…! (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki’s “too-beautiful bride” is getting a lot of attention, and she will be starring in her first TV drama for TV Tokyo, “You Tuber ni Musume ha Yara nai”, which will air on January 17th.

According to the drama’s official website, this is a “romantic comedy drama in which the main character, who will soon be 33 years old, falls in love with a high-spec, secure and stable TV station employee, and a popular YouTube star whose life is an adventure that he never knows tomorrow.

In the drama, there is a scene where Nozomi Sasaki, dressed as a bride, enters a wedding hall with a man, and we can’t help but sigh when we see her in her wedding dress. In the preview of the drama, Sasaki is about to give her groom a kiss of vows. With her eyes closed and ready to accept the kiss, Sasaki looks like a national treasure. But …….

Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, another man intervened to stop the kiss. Who the hell is this guy? I’m really looking forward to watching the drama!

Now, Sasaki is such a woman, but last year she worked in place of her husband who was blowing a headwind. She appeared on TV every day to the extent that she didn’t know when she was taking a break. In the midst of all this, she appeared on stage in the play “Drunken Angel,” which became the talk of the town as she “peeled off” as an actress. Some people in the entertainment industry believe that she will be able to work more as an actor after this. That’s what people in the entertainment industry have been whispering.

In addition to her work in dramas, Sasaki is also busy promoting the fashion brand she produces. Although she seems to be busy, it is also impressive that she seems to be enjoying her work very much. Many fans may feel that Sasaki has become more attractive as a human being since her husband’s hiatus.

It is in this context that the preview scene of the “drama in the form of a bride” was released. Even if you are not a fan of Sasaki, you can feel the extraordinary feeling she has for this work.

It’s going to be another busy year for Sasaki. Perhaps it is all for the sake of her beloved family.

We can’t take our eyes off Sasaki any more.

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