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Save Children’s Food! Why Gyoza no Ohsho is donating 60,000 lunch boxes for free

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With the prolonged Covid-19 disaster, the problem of child poverty is becoming more and more serious. It is said that many elementary and junior high school students suffer from poor nutrition during the winter and summer vacations when school lunches are not available.

In response to this situation, “Gyoza no Ohsho” stood up.

They deliver gyoza and rice to children who want it. I can only thank them for their simple yet powerful support. The form of happiness that Gyoza no Ousho aims for is…

Gyoza and rice.

Gyoza and rice. The “children’s lunch box” is a simple lunch box. It was launched as a limited-time take-out menu in March 2020, during the declaration of the state of emergency.

At the end of the school year in 2020, schools were suddenly closed due to the emergency declaration. The school closures continued into the new school year. Many families had parents who had to go to work. Lunches for children alone tended to be simple, and there were even cases where children missed meals. There were also reports of children losing weight during the period when school lunches were not available. There were reports of children losing weight during the period when school lunches were not available. There were concerns from the education sector about the nutritional status of the children.

Then, a “children’s lunch box,” consisting of two dumplings, two fried chickens, two shawesenⓇ and rice, was introduced. It was scheduled to be discontinued at the end of March, but was extended until the end of May. This led to the support for the Children’s Cafeteria in the summer of 2021.

For about one month in the summer of 2021, Gyoza no Ousho provided 32,000 lunch boxes to children free of charge. The lunchboxes were delivered from Gyoza no Ousho stores nationwide to children who requested them through the Children’s Cafeteria Support Center.

The “children’s lunch boxes” received a lot of appreciation. There were also many requests from children who wanted to eat the lunch boxes again.

Therefore, we decided to provide a total of 63,000 free lunch boxes to children this winter at the end of 2021 and from January 7 to 18, 2022. As in the summer, we are providing lunch boxes from Gyoza no Ohsho and GYOZAOHSHO nationwide through the Children’s Cafeteria Support Center and other children’s cafeterias in our network.

In the Covid-19 disaster, our social mission is to bring energy to as many customers as possible by providing safe, reliable, and delicious food. Supporting meals for children’s cafeterias is one of the ways we do this.” (Public Relations Department, Ohsho Food Service)

The children’s lunch box includes Calpis water in cooperation with Asahi Soft Drinks, which supports this initiative.

The underlying power of “Gyoza and Rice

It is not easy to do something like this when the restaurant industry is suffering a great deal of damage, even if it is to “bring happiness to children through good food.

However, I am a little concerned about the nutritional balance. Some people may be concerned about the brown color of the food and the lack of vegetables. Some people may be concerned about the lack of vegetables. However.

Gyoza is a complete food. As long as you eat gyoza filled with vegetables and meat, you will never be deficient in nutrition.

Some cookery researchers believe that gyoza is a complete food. Gyoza is made with vegetables and meat as the filling and flour as the crust. Gyoza contains a good balance of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Gyoza no Ohsho’s gyoza is made with pork, cabbage, garlic, and ginger. It is packed with nutrition. The company also wants to deliver food to children.

It may look unassuming, but it has a perfect nutritional balance. Above all, I want to believe in the power of “delicious rice.

I would like to express my heartfelt compliments to Gyoza no Ohsho’s effort to deliver 63,000 “children’s lunch boxes” to children from 304 stores nationwide, double the number of the previous event. However, I wonder if it is right to leave the task of providing relief to families raising children in food poverty to private companies. I hear that the private sector’s support for the needy is “nearing its limits. I hope that the prime minister, who has ears to hear, will listen to the voices of the people who are suffering in this country that is in a tunnel with no clear future.

The lunches are provided through the “Children’s Cafeteria” (no direct service at the store)
  • Reporting and writing Izumi Nakagawa

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