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Wife Nozomi Sasaki’s “Overwhelming Success” in Preventing Anjash Watabe’s Return

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Nozomi Sasaki did not abandon her husband, Ken Watabe, even after the affair.

In June 2008, Ken Watabe of the comedy duo “Anjash” was reported to have had an affair in a “multipurpose toilet” and has since suspended all entertainment activities. The year before last, there was a possibility that he would appear in the year-end special “Laugh It Off” series of “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahendesu” (Nippon Television Network), but it was put on hold due to protests from the cast and the public after information was leaked in advance.

He had already recorded the episode of “Gaki no tatsuzai,” but since it was a surprise appearance, he could not disclose the information.

There were other reports that he might make a comeback on “The Matrix Law Firm,” but he has yet to make a comeback. In the end, a whole year has passed since he appeared in public at an apology conference in December 2008….

On the other hand, his wife Nozomi Sasaki appeared on stage for the first time in six years and successfully performed in a regional tour, leaving the housework and children to Watabe as her husband. She is also said to be set to star in her first drama series in four years next year. In addition, she has been chosen as a character in a commercial for Credit Saison, so it’s all good sailing.

She has also purchased a new house worth 400 million yen under the name of her private office and has started a new life with her family. That’s how well his work is going.

Mr. Sasaki is a hard man at heart. She won’t give up on a man she has decided to be with just for a moment. As long as Watabe doesn’t make the same mistake, I don’t think she will divorce in the future.

When Sasaki appeared at a watch store event in December, she was asked about her plans for Christmas.

When asked about her plans for Christmas, she replied, “After work, I want to cook and spend time with my family.

She was confident that her family was doing well. I don’t know if Sasaki has truly forgiven Watabe for his mistake, but he seems to have tolerated it as a family. If his wife hasn’t given Watabe a no, why hasn’t he been able to return to work yet?

I think it’s partly because of Watabe’s character. He is said to be the king of gourmet and enjoys Michelin-starred fine cuisine, and his wife is a first-rate actress. But behind the scenes, he was having an affair in a multi-purpose restroom with 10,000 yen as if he disrespected women. And it wasn’t just one or two people. The gap between the two was so big that women in the world were left with a strong sense of disgust.

That’s why the “successful man” character he used to play doesn’t work anymore. It would be easier to tease him on TV if he started over as a “bad boy” character. It would be better to establish the character in theaters or on YouTube as a “pilot version” first. If you do that, you may be able to return to TV smoothly. There are many people like Koji Higashino and Terumoto Goto who will help you out by teasing you,” said a TV station insider.

His partner, Kazuya Kojima, has been gaining a very good reputation since the scandal, contrary to Watabe. He was the first one to take the brunt of Watabe’s scandal, appearing on a radio program as Watabe’s substitute and tearfully apologizing. He is now a sought-after guest on TV and in commercials.

It is said that the duo did not get along well, but judging from the fact that they have not broken up yet, Kojima must be waiting for Watabe’s return. Will “Anjash” be able to appear on TV again this year?

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