Bold confession…! The surprising reason why Rio Uchida “has tried aphrodisiacs”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Bold confession…! The surprising reason why Rio Uchida “has tried aphrodisiacs”.

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Photo: Gaku Kato

“The cock in my heart won’t budge! The drama Paravi “I’ll do it right in the next life 2” is currently airing to rave reviews, and has created such famous words and has not let go of the hearts of women with the slogan “Eroticism in a casual way.

The lead role is played by Rio Uchida, who began her career as an actress in earnest in 2014 when she played Kiriko Ushijima in “Kamen Rider Drive. Known by the nickname “Dario,” her official YouTube channel has 179,000 registered users. In this drama, she is playing the role of Momoe Omori, a “sexually dependent girl” who has five boyfriends.

“That line appeared in the first episode of Part 2, and it seems to be called “Kokochin” on social media (laughs). (laughs) I thought that was a great line. It’s really touching (laughs).

(laughs)” With her big, clear eyes narrowed in laughter, Rio Uchida says that “Kokochin” is a great word. The fact that such a cute girl played the role of the sexually uninhibited protagonist may have made this drama a hit.

“The producer of this drama, Rina Sobue, has a goal of making eroticism casual. There is an atmosphere where women are not allowed to talk about such things outside, isn’t there?

It’s like they’re hiding it, or they’re not allowed to talk about it openly. That’s why I’m hoping that this will be a film that women can watch more casually and can relate to. When I read the original manga, I felt that it was interesting in that it scratched an itch for me. At first glance, a protagonist with five boyfriends may sound extreme, but I felt that even people who don’t share the same view of love can relate to the sadness and heartache of thinking about someone from many different angles.

The audience for this drama is said to be mostly women in their 20s and 30s. Looking at the film, you can see that it is full of hardcore scenes such as the bed scene and the moaning while tied to an indoor jungle gym. But it’s not so extreme that you have to cover your eyes, and it’s light enough that you can watch it while eating potato chips with a beer in your hand.

“Since I used to do gravure, I was conscious of the fact that I didn’t want such scenes to be aimed at men. For example, I consulted with them on the set and changed the line from ‘Ahn ♡’ to ‘Aare ♡’ (laughs). “(laughs) It’s a “dusty erotic love comedy,” so I always imagine the bed scene as a comedic scene where the lord is twirling the sash of the princess’ kimono and peeling it off (laughs).

Baka-dono-sama, indeed! Hearing that kind of backstory, it’s no wonder it’s easy for women to watch. Now that I’m spending more time at home due to the Corona disaster, I might feel like I’m listening to my open-minded “female friend” Momoe. In fact, “friendship” is a word that people tend to shy away from when it’s used openly, even though they think it sounds fun. It’s strange that even the word “friendship” sounds so cheerful.

“I also felt uncomfortable saying the word itself at first. But in the case of Momo-chan, when I was asked, “What kind of person are you? I’ve gotten used to it (laughs). (laughs) I’m afraid to mention names, but I’m playing the role while respecting the warm tension of “Sazae-san” and “Chibimaruko-chan”, so I’d be happy if people think that this is the “Raiyo-chan” way.

Photographed by Gaku Kato
Photographed by Gaku Kato

“I’ll be happy if this becomes my masterpiece! I hope this will be my masterpiece!” says Rio Uchida with a smile. When I was researching her, I caught a piece of information that I absolutely had to hear. She told me that she was interested in the history of adult entertainment.

“When I was about 18 years old, I felt that it was strange to be kept in the dark about something that wasn’t wrong. I thought it was strange that girls were not allowed to talk about or think about such things. So I started researching after I turned 20, and I learned that in the past, female nudity was not considered erotic in Japan. There were a lot of coed baths in hot springs, so I wonder why it was hidden so much.

Indeed. This was back in the Edo period. Before the Kansei Reforms, coed bathing was the norm in Japan. Even Commodore Perry, who came to Japan at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, was surprised to see such a scene. With such an inquisitive mind, perhaps that is why this work has captured the hearts of so many women in the world.

……, but…

But her inquisitiveness didn’t end there!

“I’ve tried aphrodisiacs before (laughs). I’m more of a Takasugi-Ume type of person who can’t fall in love with people, so I was wondering how people fall in love with people. So I bought some online and tried taking it, but it didn’t work at all, so I’m a little disappointed (laughs).

(laughs)” My thoughts about love are already turning too far in the direction of the day after tomorrow, and my originally high level of likability has gone off the meter. I don’t know, what kind of girl is so cute and yet so interesting? As I was thinking about this, she said with a smile, “Also, I tried the love potion! I couldn’t help but reply with a smile, “Do I need to try that? I would like to apologize for my reply.

“I wondered if I could fall in love if I took the elixir (laughs). I wasn’t expecting much, but it worked! After taking it, five people confessed their feelings for me. I was surprised at the unexpected turn of events. But what I learned was that no matter how many confessions you get, if you don’t fall in love with the person, it won’t develop into a relationship. It ended in failure (smiles).

She learns by experiencing everything herself, even things that she could have realized a little earlier. Her attitude is worthy of respect. However, when I think about the feelings of the manager who watches over her, I really feel bowled over. Then, Rio Uchida reminded me, “This is the only thing I have to do. “Please make sure to write down that there are individual differences (laughs). If you are interested in this product, please use it at your own discretion and responsibility.

Photo by Gaku Kato

If you look into the career of Rio Uchida, you will see that she has been pursuing this job regardless of the genre, starting from idol, modeling, gravure, and then acting. However, there was a moment when she thought about quitting this job.

“I thought about quitting if I hadn’t found my footing by the time I was 23. Before I started working in the theater, I was an idol on a TV show, but I wasn’t the type of person who could step forward. I was always following from behind, and my manager at the time said to me, “You need to be more hungry, or you won’t be seen! He told me, “You have to be more hungry. Competing and fighting with others didn’t suit me. At the time, I was very worried.

But in the end, if I couldn’t do something, I couldn’t do it, so after much thought and consideration, I made a decision. I decided to take a less aggressive style (laughs). (laughs) It may be tough to make a living in this industry, but I decided to do my best on my own instead of kicking down others. When I realized that it’s okay for people like me to audition, I relaxed and felt much better.

It is precisely because she overcame such a difficult situation that Rio Uchida is able to shine as an actress. In a way, this change of mind was a turning point in her career in the entertainment industry. As she is about to turn 30, I asked her what role she would like to play in her future acting career.

“I’ve played the hero in a heroic movie before, but now I want to play the villain. I’d like to play a role like Dokin-chan (laughs).

If there is a live-action version of the children’s hero anime that was born from a picture book, I would definitely vote for Rio Uchida to play Kano. Then, what job would you like to try in your next life?

“I would like to work in a used bookstore. I don’t want to be a manager, I want to work part-time (laughs). (laughs) I would like to work part-time, stocking, organizing books, and serving customers. I like new books sold in regular bookstores, but I also like books that are no longer available, and books that have passed through many people’s hands, and wonder who they will go to next. I think it’s wonderful to have a job where you can witness the journey of a book.

When I asked her what book she recommends, she unexpectedly replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t read books at all. Rio Uchida answered the interview without wavering until the end. If you find this article interesting, I’d like to say a few words. This is not because of my writing skills, but because of “Rio Uchida’s” talking skills.

Photo by Gaku Kato
Photo by Gaku Kato

Five Questions for Rio Uchida

Q1What are you proud of?
A1My personality is pop!
I don’t have any, so I came up with this idea (laughs). (laughs) I’m negative, shy, and negative, but I can make up for it with my pop personality even when things get tough. Of course I get depressed sometimes, but I can convert my worries into pop (laughs).

Q2What is your favorite music on your playlist right now?
A2Official Bearded Otoko dism “Cry Baby
I heard this song being played at the opening of the anime “Tokyo Revengers,” and it’s really difficult. So I thought I’d listen to it about 200 times to learn it. Now I’ve conquered the last part, the C melody. I thought it would be cool if I could sing it (laughs).

Q3 What works have influenced you?
A3 “Sakuran” by Moyoco Anno
I was fascinated by the strength and weakness of women. It made me want to become a woman with this kind of core strength.

Q4Is there anything you do every day?
A4Long bath
Recently, I’ve been into hot and cold baths, and I take them for about an hour every day. With my phone and water, I alternate between a hot bath and a water shower. During the bath, I mainly play puzzle games.

Q5 What is your favorite type?
A5 Someone who can pull me along.
I’m super indecisive, so I like someone who can decide the menu for dinner. If I’m left to my own devices, I can’t make any decisions and end up having the same menu every day (laughs). I would also like someone who can do half of the housework for me. I’d like someone to be in charge of cooking and cleaning the bathroom (laughs).

Photo: Gaku Kato

Rio Uchida
Born in Tokyo on September 27, 1991.
She began her acting career in earnest in 2014 with “Kamen Rider Drive.
Her performance as the main character’s childhood friend in the 2018 drama series “Oopsan’s Love” was highly praised, and she won the Supporting Actress Award at the 22nd Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix the following year. The following year, she won the Supporting Actress Award at the 22nd Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, and is currently active in movies, dramas, stage, radio and commercials, and is also a regular model for the fashion magazine MORE. This World. in July. She is also scheduled to appear in the drama “Kishibe Rohan wa Mukonai” (NHK General) to be broadcast in December.

Photo: Gaku Kato
Interview and text by Mai Komuro
Hair and Make-up: Midori
Stylist: Kanae Goto
Composition: SUPER MIX

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