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Osaka Arson Suspect’s Attempted Murder 10 Years Ago “Shuddering Details of the Crime”

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Many flowers were offered in front of the building where the arson took place.

The room was littered with bizarre objects.

There was a container of oil-like liquid, a note that said “mass murder,” and 36 Newspaper article reporting that it has been two years since the Kyoto Animation arson attack that killed 36 people. …… .

December Dec. December 17 December 17. JR From Osaka Station Dojima Kita Bldg. On the 17th, the Dojima Kita Building (Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka City), located 200 meters from JR Osaka Station, burned to the ground. 25 people died. The fire was set near the reception desk of the Nishi Umeda Kokoro to Kata no Clinic, a psychosomatic medicine clinic on the fourth floor, five kilometers west of the scene.3.5km west of the scene. The suspect, Morio Tanimoto (61), lives in Nishiyodogawa Ward, about 5 kilometers west of the scene. 61). The suspect is Morio Tanimoto (61), who lives in Nishiyodogawa Ward, 5km west of the site. A lot of evidence was found in Tanimoto’s room to support the planning of the incident.

Among them, there was a newspaper article about an attempted arson murder case that took place in a multi-tenant building in Tokushima Prefecture in March this year. Some of the articles were about an attempted arson murder in an apartment building in Tokushima Prefecture in March this year, a case that mimicked the arson of Kyoani. The fact that he focused on the Tokushima case suggests that Tanimoto had been planning to commit the crime for at least nine months.

The details of Tanimoto’s crime are beyond horrific. …… The target was the clinic. The target of the attack was a Friday, when the clinic was offering a “rework program” to help people return to work. There were more patients than usual, so they thought the damage would be greater. The security camera showed the suspect, Tanimoto, who had set the fire, physically hitting the victim who was trying to escape to the exit. It is suspected that he drove the victim to the side of the examination room where there were no windows or stairs, in an attempt to commit mass murder.

The smoke filled the side of the examination room. Many people died of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also known that the fourth-floor doorway leading to the fire escape had adhesive tape firmly attached to it from the outside. It is believed that Tanimoto put it there in advance in order to fill the room with smoke,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Drunk and killing his eldest son: ……

The suspect, Tanimoto, was an excellent craftsman.

There was trouble that foreshadowed this arson.

Tanimoto’s life took a dark turn when he was arrested for arson in 2008. September 2008. It was in September 2008. About 20 He divorced his wife of about 20 years. He divorced his wife of about 20 years, left his two sons, and began to move from place to place in Osaka City by himself. He was having trouble making ends meet, and his sense of loneliness was growing. Out of loneliness, he asked his ex-wife to get back together, but she refused. And April 2011 In April 2011, Tanimoto committed a crime.

He attacked his eldest son while he was at his ex-wife’s house in an attempt to forcibly kill himself and his family. After a drunken argument, Tanimoto stabbed his eldest son in the head and shoulder with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, the injuries were not life-threatening, but they were quite severe. In addition to the three kitchen knives, a stun gun, tear gas spray, and a hammer were also found in his ex-wife’s house. The crime seems to have been planned. Tanimoto attempted to flee the scene on his bicycle, but was arrested shortly after.

The Osaka District Court has ruled 11 years year December 2011 In December 2011, the Osaka District Court sentenced Tanimoto to four years in prison on charges of attempted murder and violating the Firearms Act. The court also found out about Tanimoto’s troubled life. After the divorce, he repeatedly went AWOL from the sheet-metal factory where he worked and disappeared. He was also addicted to horse racing and was having trouble making ends meet. Tanimoto’s motive for the incident is as follows. He said, “If I kill someone, I can die too. My family is with me, so I thought I’d take them with me.

The suspect, Tanimoto. Tanimoto was released from prison in the summer of 2003. Even after his release from prison in the summer of 2003, Tanimoto seems to have continued to live a solitary life. This was an unprecedented arson case that took place in the middle of the day in the middle of the city. The suspect, Tanimoto, who has been hospitalized himself, is said to be in a serious condition with serious brain damage that will make it difficult to interview him in the future.

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