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The moment when Prince Akishino wishes he could go back to that day

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At a press conference on the occasion of his birthday, Prince Akishino explained his feelings in an “easy-to-understand” manner (Photo: Jiji Press)

There has been a lot of talk about the Imperial Family this year, but there is one thing that Prince Akishino is said to regret. What is it?

November 30 November 30 At the press conference held on the occasion of her birthday on November 30, she expressed her regret that she was not able to create an environment in which the people could congratulate her. There was one scene in particular that he regretted, saying, “If I could go back to that day and start over, I would have ……. It is on page 28. It was the moment when the 28-page ‘Komuro Documents’ were released.” (Imperial Household Agency official)

In the beginning, the director of the Imperial Household Agency said that he had the impression that the Komuro document was explained very carefully and that he could understand the history of discussions between the Komuro side and his former fiancee.

He also said he understood the history of discussions between Komuro and his former fiancee.

In a press conference on the occasion of her birthday, Akishino said this about the document.

I think it’s true that we did give an explanation, but I wonder how many people will be able to understand it after reading it.

If you look at it quickly, you can understand it if you read it carefully, but if you just read it quickly, it’s not so easy to understand. So what should I have done?

So, what should I have done?

So, what should we have done?” “The view is that we should have held a press conference. He said that he was of the opinion that he should have held a press conference. He did not set a time limit and just answered the questions. He thought that even if he was sandbagged by contradictions in his answers, he could have changed the course of events by showing that he was sincere in his responses. For example, if he had appealed to the people, saying, ‘Even if you dislike me (Kei), Mako, please believe in the Imperial Family,’ there are those in the Imperial Household Agency who point out that the people’s understanding would have been a little deeper and an environment of blessing might have been created.

If this had been the case, it is possible that a marriage ceremony would have been held.

But it seems that Kei had no intention of holding a press conference at all. He chose to make a verbal statement about the legitimacy of his mother, Kayo, and himself. In other words, it seems as if he felt that the public would not understand him even if he were to release the document in the first place.

This person mentions one theory in the document.

Some people may think that this document is a one-sided account of what my mother and I said. Even so, I would be happy if even one person could understand that there were various circumstances.

At the time, it wasn’t clear when Mako and Kei were going to get married or where they were going to live, but now it’s clear that they were planning to part ways with Japan.

In the end, it may be that Prince Akishino’s feelings were never understood by Kei and Mako.

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