Nozomi Sasaki’s “Bold V-Line Retro One-Piece Outfit” Delights Fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s “Bold V-Line Retro One-Piece Outfit” Delights Fans…!

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Clothes that would make a normal person go, “What? If you were a normal person, you’d be like, “What? (AFLO)

Nozomi Sasaki’s “too cute retro mini onesie” has been getting a lot of attention. This is the outfit that Sasaki wore when she appeared in a credit card commercial, and she posted the commercial video on her Instagram account. She posted the video of the commercial on her Instagram account, and received a flood of comments praising her, such as “beautiful,” “cute,” “Nozomi is beautiful,” and “I feel soothed every time the commercial is on.

The commercial was to promote the Saison American Express Card, and Sasaki appeared in a retro mini one-piece space suit reminiscent of the 80s. The outfit had a high neck and an orange V-shaped line on her chest like Ultraman. She also wore a large belt around her waist and a daring skirt that was only above her knees.

Sasaki is on a space station, where she is supposed to meet a “guru-tan saint” in the lounge.

Sasaki commented on her costume, “I don’t usually wear this kind of costume, so it was a fresh feeling. She also commented on the collaboration with the aliens, “It was the first time for me to work with aliens, so I had a lot of fun on set.

Incidentally, he was very particular about communicating with the aliens during the filming.

I was very particular about communicating with the aliens. I was very particular about communicating with the aliens, and since we couldn’t communicate with them in words, I used gestures to communicate with them, and I think we were able to communicate in the end.

This year, Sasaki has been very busy with drama and stage performances. In 2022, she will be starring in her first TV drama, “You Tuber ni Musume ha Yara nai! will start in January. In the midst of all this, when asked at the commercial launch about the place she would like to visit even though she has never been to space, she replied, “I would like to visit Yakushima. I’d like to go to Yakushima. It would be nice to actually see the Jomon cedars.

Sasaki is working very hard for her husband and family. When she calms down a bit from her work, she would like to go to Yakushima to relax ……!

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