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Repezen Earth: Behind the scenes of the settlement with the former office president after the court case

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President DJ, leader of Repezen Earth, suddenly announced on December 27th that he had reconciled with Mr. H, the president of his former agency (from official YouTube).

I’d like to report that the case was settled today. First of all, let me say that we settled the case in court, with my side paying a certain amount of money to Mr. H and all the rights to the name “Repezen Earth” belonging to me. Repezen Earth

At around 7:00 p.m. on December 27th, President DJ, the leader of the five-member music group “Repezen Earth,” announced on YouTube that he and Mr. H, the president of his former agency, had reached a settlement in court.

Thinking about it, it was on June 1 that President DJ released a video titled “About the circumstances of the dissolution of the real Repezen Earth.

“It’s rotten, isn’t it? It’s rotten.

The video quickly became a hot topic, with over 10 million views. It seems that the plight of the group was one of the reasons why the angry DJ turned around and reached a settlement.

The video that condemned Mr. H became a hot topic, and the number of views on YouTube increased, but recently it has been rare to get more than one million views. Also, he can’t do any live activities due to the Covid-19 disaster, so to put it bluntly, his income was probably more difficult than before.

In addition, since it became clear that I had a court case on my hands, it was difficult to get corporate projects. In order to break out of this situation, she wanted to end the trial with Mr. H as soon as possible…” (Internet media insider)

In the video released on June 1, DJ said that Mr. H, who invested 1 million yen in the company when it was first launched, acquired the majority of the shares. In a video released on June 1, DJ confessed that when the company was first launched, Mr. H, who had invested one million yen, acquired the majority of the shares, but the relationship deteriorated due to misunderstandings and rights issues with Mr. H, who had actual control of the company’s accounting, and that DJ was fired from the board and ran away from the office.

In an interview with Bunshun Online, he also confessed that the company had about 40 million yen in unaccounted for expenses in the ’18 fiscal year. He also lamented the fact that the members’ salaries were 300,000 yen even when they sold well.

However, Mr. H also responded to FRIDAY Digital’s interview. He also explained that he had decided the members’ salaries in consultation with the DJ president and the whereabouts of the 40 million yen, and that Mr. H and the DJ president received the same amount of executive compensation. He also explained the whereabouts of the 40 million yen.

He also said that there were some inconsistencies, such as the fact that Mr. H and President DJ received the same amount of executive compensation. However, Mr. H had never sued Mr. DJ before, so the situation was quite unfavorable. Perhaps he was fed up with the situation, but he revealed on YouTube that he and Mr. H were having a dispute.

This caused Mr. H and his son, the idol Shai Jinguji, to be inundated with slander on social media. It also caused some actual damage, such as a refrigerator being sent to them on delivery. Some in the music industry criticized the DJ president for the way he handled the situation,” said a music industry insider.

In the midst of all this, it seems that the two parties have been in concrete talks for reconciliation, probably through their agents, for several months now. As far as the video is concerned, it seems that the rights to all of the music related to Repezen Earth will be in the hands of the DJ president. This means that they will be able to operate freely in the future as they did in the past, not only in terms of their name but also in terms of their music.

There must be a lot of money involved in handing over the rights to the president of DJ. However, it would be difficult for them to pay such a large sum of money. The company behind them is Company X, which is headquartered in the Kyushu region,” said a person involved in event production.

Company X sponsored the breakup concert of Repezen Earth at Fukuoka Dome in 2008. They seem to have such a close relationship with the members.

The president of Company X is also a board member of the company DJ started in August 2008 to prepare for independence. There were rumors that he was advising DJ to leave Mr. H.

In other words, there were many people who thought that the structure of the Repezen Earth group had simply shifted from Mr. H to Company X.” (The event production person mentioned above)

Repezen Earth has gained popularity among young people for its outrageous behavior and words. However, the cost of exposing his own family’s financial troubles to the public may have been unexpectedly large.

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