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The new year is a busy one….

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Director Shinjo in a flamboyant kimono at an event on December 21.

“My manager is making all kinds of crazy schedules. I’m so angry!

On December 21, Takashi Shinjo, 49, the manager of Nippon Ham, was appointed as the brand ambassador of BITPOINT, a domestic crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange, and his expression was cheerful as he expressed his dissatisfaction to the press.

Since becoming the “BIG BOSS” of Nippon-Ham, he has repeatedly appeared in the media and at events, and not a day goes by that I don’t see his face.

In the “The Best One SP: Super Gorgeous Year-End 4-Hour SP” (TBS) broadcast on December 24, he appeared with Yukinari Awaji of the comedy duo “Kitsune,” whose mimicry is reputed to be very similar. (TV Asahi), which will be broadcast on New Year’s Day next year. (TV Asahi) to be aired on New Year’s Day next year, he will have a session with YOSHIKI of “X JAPAN. His first commercial after taking office will be aired on the third day of the New Year. …… He is also extremely busy during the year-end and New Year holidays.

He is the most popular person in the world right now. He’s the most popular person in the world right now. I’m sure he doesn’t mind being in front of people. He seems to be happy to be here.

Getting rid of a negative image

Since December and January are off months for professional baseball players, Shinjo’s schedule is managed by his entertainment agency. However, for Nippon-Ham, the advantage of having Shinjo appear in the media and at events every day is huge.

It was the sales side that strongly pushed Shinjo’s appointment as manager to the baseball team. It was the sales side that strongly pushed for Shinjo’s appointment as manager, since the team’s image had deteriorated after its main gun, Sho Nakata, assaulted a teammate. Also, the team will be moving to a new stadium in March 2011, and they want to attract more customers. By having Mr. Shinjo, who has a cheerful character, become the manager, we aim to get rid of the negative impression and make the baseball team feel good about itself.

The team’s strategy has been a great success, as Mr. Shinjo is exposed every day. The negative image of the team, which had been a constant source of trouble, has clearly changed. According to the assets of Katsuhiro Miyamoto, a professor emeritus at Kansai University, the economic effect will be nearly 6 billion yen, including increased customer traffic and advertising revenue.

The benefits are not limited to the business side. The benefits are not limited to sales. There are also strong positive factors in baseball, the main business.

The benefits are not limited to sales. They have not been able to find a player to fill the void left by their main gun, Nakata, and with their current strength, it will be very difficult for them to compete for the championship. However, as Shinjo-san’s name recognition has increased, so has his likability. If you write anything critical of Mr. Shinjo, you will even get bashed on the Internet.

Kiyoshi Nakahata, who took over as manager of DeNA in 2012, had the same cheerful character as Shinjo and was well supported by the fans, so he did not receive much criticism even when the team finished in last place. The “popularity of Shinjo” is a precautionary measure against an unintentional losing streak.

Success in the business world, and a warm reception from the fans. But it’s not all good. There are those who are concerned about the players’ opinions.

It’s true that once camp starts in February, manager Shinjo will probably refrain from making media appearances. …… Players who are devoted to baseball may be dissatisfied. He has issued a “no appearances” order to moodmaker Kenshi Sugitani, who used to appear on variety shows every off-season. He said, “I’ve been too conspicuous in variety shows and my performance in baseball hasn’t been good, so I’m going to do the opposite this time.

As he said, winning and losing are important in professional baseball. If Mr. Shinjo doesn’t get results, his overexposure may come back to bite him. It wouldn’t be surprising if the players were thinking, ‘Sugitani’s appearances were banned, but I was on the show.

The “Big Boss” appears in the media every day for the baseball team and fans. The high level of exposure may be a double-edged sword with many merits and demerits.

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