Shin-Ae Ahn’s “Bold Kissing Face at a Stylish Cafe” Delights Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shin-Ae Ahn’s “Bold Kissing Face at a Stylish Cafe” Delights Fans!

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Anne’s relaxed expression…! (From her Instagram @shinaeahn)

Korean professional golfer Shin-Ae Ahn, known as the “sexy queen,” has been getting a lot of attention for her “kissing photo at a stylish cafe” on her Instagram account. I’m not sure what to say. She was wearing a long t-shirt with a border.

Anne was wearing a long bordered T-shirt, black shorts and white sneakers. She was wearing a long bordered t-shirt, black shorts and white sneakers with a silver necklace around her neck. She released eight photos, but the much talked about kissing photo was the first one. In the first one, Anne is in a trendy café with her mouth agape, ready to kiss. There are a lot of other customers around her, and she doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to them. This is outrageous!

Now, who is this kissing guy, ……? It was her dog, Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is sticking out its tongue in response to Ann’s passionate kiss. I’m so jealous of how much they love each other!

In fact, Anne is known to be a dog lover with two Chihuahuas, which she had previously revealed to the media that she had named “Capycon” and “Evie”. She is also known for her active participation in the “JT Dear One One Contest,” an animal protection activity of the JT Dear Savings Bank in Korea, of which Ahn is an ambassador.

In this post, it seems that Ahn visited a cafe with her two dogs in a Louis Vuitton bag and enjoyed breakfast.

Refreshed and refreshed. It’s about time we see Ann explode! I have high hopes for the future of the world’s favorite female professional golfer. ……!

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